Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a cabin weekend {part I}

The Collard family cabin has got to be one of my favorite places in this world.
It is a legitimate log cabin in Fairview Canyon built by Robert's dad and grandfather in 1950.
When you're there you're away from the entire world.
No electricity, no cell phone service, no nothin'.
Well, it does run on propane so at least there's light at night, heat and a refrigerator.
It also has running water, which is a huge plus in my book.
So I guess what I mean by nothing is that it has everything you really need but nothing you don't.
It's just nice to be unreachable sometimes, to put away your phone and leave your computer behind and be totally invested in life...real life. Face to face life.

We went up there as a family this weekend, along with my sister, Julia, and our friends Lance and Christine and their pups.
We were nervous we may have to walk in because of snow, but lucky for us the weather was grand and the sun was shining all weekend.
We even got pink cheeks and noses to prove it.

Minnie was in heaven.
The girl loves dirt and was a total ragamuffin all weekend.
It was fun watching her explore.
She also became best friends with "the puppies" and chased and bossed them around all weekend.
Luckily they were good sports.

Afternoon walks to the lake, fire roasted hot dogs and a few late night games was just what the doctor ordered.
The 40-year-old beds on the other hand...not so much.
Luckily there was plenty of time for naps to make up for a poor night's rest.
And the place, as you can tell, is in the middle of some incredibly pretty landscape.
I wish we could go back tomorrow.

{Part II tomorrow...I couldn't help myself. It's too pretty not to take a million pictures.}

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