Thursday, May 30, 2013

a cabin weekend {part II}

Give me a fire, a sunset, good company and s'mores and I am one happy lady.
The Collard cabin overlooks a wide meadow in the middle of a small valley and the sunsets in that place are pretty incredible.
I love cooking tinfoil dinners out around the fire, bundling up in sweatshirts and talking until only a few smoldering embers remain.

Going to the cabin with a wee one is a little different than the cabin sans children, but I love it either way.
Yes, we had to come in a little earlier at night, and yes, we were wiping mud off of little hands and feet pretty consistently, but it was still well worth the trip.

Minnie is a big fan of s'mores just like her mama, except for the fact that she likes them in their separate pieces.
She kept trying to steal pieces of chocolate off of our pre-made s'mores and was calling them "chocolate milk" as she swiped them from the table.
I guess we've never really taught her "chocolate" and the only thing she's ever heard with the word in it is "chocolate milk," thus the association.
She's pretty darn sneaky and would make her way over to the table very quietly and then snatch the chocolate and shove it in her mouth as quick as she could when she saw us look her way.
The way she loves sugar...bless her little teeth.
We're trying to keep her clear of it, but with her sneaky ways it can be tricky.

Robert and I have big dreams of building a cabin one day.
To be honest, I think I'd want it much like his family's cabin.
Small, super simple, a big loft with tons of beds, no TV and a big fire pit for lots of outdoor time.
Ahhhh, a girl can dream, can't she?
Now that Robert has begun his career, it's kind of surreal to think that this dream could become a reality some day...some day in the far distant future.
Nevertheless, it could happen.
Until then, we'll just keep making our way up to this little place I love so much.

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