Friday, June 28, 2013

Minnie loves nothing more than a solid beat, a catchy tune and some good lyrics.
Music has been her #1 since I can remember.
Her body has moved to the music since she was teeny tiny and she's been able to babble out a (recognizable) tune for 6 or more months now.

Our home is filled with music.
Robert and Julia both play the guitar and Minnie's face could not be brighter than when she's singing along to the ABC's as they strum (exhibited by the first picture in this post).
My heart melts when I see she and Robert singing and strumming out a song together.
I'm grateful for a musical husband (although he wouldn't consider himself such), as well as an incredibly musical sister who make music such a part of our daily lives.
What I love most of all is how much Minnie loves music.
Who knows if she'll be musical when she's older? Perhaps she won't be interested in it at all.
For now I'd like to think this is just the beginning of her great love for music.
Child prodigy? Probably not. But hopefully she'll just stick to piano lessons a lot longer than I did.

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