Tuesday, June 25, 2013

over the weekend and our little backyard oasis

I feel like our backyard has become some kind of little oasis for us the last few months.
I'm sure much of that is due to the fact that I just keep buying things for Minnie to play with back there.
Is it possible to spoil your child with too many second-hand toys?
Julia tells me it's not.
I honestly get the majority of Minnie's things from DI or off of KSL classifieds for ridiculous prices.
Thus, we now have a baby pool, a little climber with a slide, a swing (thank you Target gift card), a scooter and a little kitchenette (purchased for $5 two weeks ago...her absolute fave these days) all scattered throughout our backyard.
It's nice for me because I can just go out there and let her play to her hearts content while gardening, or more frequently, just basking in the sun.
It's a summertime dream come true.

On another note...our garden is growing!
We've had our fair share of troubles (R.I.P basil, carrots and the sweet peas are on a steady decline) but we planted zucchini and pumpkins just so we would actually have some sort of produce to show for all of our efforts.
Bless you zucchini and pumpkins that grow like weeds.
And look! We actually have a pepper coming in. It's a Christmas miracle.

And lastly, we had quite the time getting to a drive-in movie this weekend but finally got ourselves there Saturday night.
Who knew drive-ins were so popular?
We tried to go see Monsters University Friday night but the line to get in was blocks and blocks long.
When we finally got to the ticket booth we were told it was sold out.
Wah wah!
Minnie was a hot mess in the back seat and Bob, Julia and I were about to scream.
We ended that evening eating our cold Hot n' Ready on Bob's Mom's trampoline with all our blankets and pillows.
Min was pleased as punch jumping and eating pizza and rolling around on the pillows.
We tried again for the movie Saturday night, arriving an HOUR early and made it in without a hitch. 
The place was still packed, but it was a lot of fun.
Minnie watched the movie for about 10 minutes and then decided playing around in the front seat was a lot more fun.
The only problem was she'd occasionally hit the horn or turn the volume up full blast.
Minor details.

And hey, look at that "super moon"!
It was pretty bright, but not as big as everyone had made it out to be.
I still thought it was cool.

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  1. I need to buy more things at thrift stores, cause the kids just trash things anyway. I think Utah is kind of a hot spot for good used toys.