Friday, July 12, 2013

lunch dates with dad

Robert's commute to work is five minutes! Five minutes, no traffic, no nothin'.
It's a dream come true for us both because it means he can be home in two seconds if I need him, he can wake up pretty much as close to 8 am as possible and still slide into work pretty much on time, and lastly...we get lunch dates a plenty!!
I'm not sure what it is, but there is something about stealing him away for an hour during the middle of the day that makes me so happy.

Yesterday we drove to Memory Grove, just a few blocks from Robert's office, and enjoyed the cooler weather and semi-cloud-covered sky.
It started to rain a bit right as we arrived, but we huddled under a tree by the pond and hardly felt a drop.
Minnie was a little disappointed there were no ducks, as was I, but a few folks brought their dogs by to play fetch in the pond and Minnie was entertained watching the pups splash into the water and swim.
She kept wandering around while we were eating and then coming up next to Robert and putting her arm around his neck and saying, "Hi, Dad!" or "How are you, Dad?"
I love when she does that.
And on a side note: Minnie has now been calling us Mom and Dad for a few weeks.
Where did that come from? Did she hear it from a friend? A TV show?
It kind of makes me sad because it feels like she's growing up.
I'd prefer to be "Mommy" for at least another year.

We ended the afternoon with a little walk through the creek...Min's favorite part of the day I'm sure.
She was none too pleased when we had to leave.
This pregnant lady, however, almost lost control of her bladder stepping into that frigid water.
Min wasn't bothered a bit.

We are trying to soak up these last few days as a family of three because before we know it baby girl #2 will arrive and things will be different.
Different in a good way, though, I'm sure.
Quick meet-ups for lunch may not be too easy for awhile but I'm sure we'll get it down to a science in a few months {fingers crossed}.

And for a final side note...the cooler weather has helped this mama's ridiculously swollen feet and ankles thin out quite a bit.
I've been struggling to even get them into shoes since the 100 degree weather hit but now they're almost back to their normal selves.
A blessing to be sure.

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  1. I'm totally jealous of your lunch dates with your husband! My husband used to work an hour away (ugh!) but now only works 30 minutes away, and with the awful traffic it's never close enough to come home for lunch. I always think picnics would be so much fun!

    These photos are gorgeous and I can't believe that your weather is so nice! We're melting down here in Florida.