Monday, July 15, 2013

discovering salty lake

This weekend we decided it was time for a little adventure.
I've lived in Salt Lake nearly my entire life but I can't remember ever stepping foot into the Great Salt Lake.
Let's be honest, an overly salty lake is not the most appealing thing in the world, but I wanted to go see it for my self gosh darn it.
So, we did.

The Great Salt Lake Marina is filled with sailboats and it is beautiful.
When we started walking around I could hardly believe we were in Utah.
We walked past the marina toward the beach and I was surprised to see how clear the water was.
Minnie hardly hesitated for a second before those two chubby feet of hers galloped into the water.
Within minutes she was almost fully immersed in the water, digging her tiny fingers into the soft sand and then throwing the rocks she discovered beneath the small waves.
At that point I was wishing we would have brought swim suits, beach chairs and some lunch.
Robert showed Minnie the ropes of rock skipping, and she was thoroughly entertained.
She'd exclaim, "Woah, Daddy!" after a throw and then give it a try herself, barely throwing her little pebble two feet in front of her if not letting go of it behind her in mid-throw.
The only unfortunate part of the whole adventure was when we all discovered how salty we were once the water on our clothes and bodies started drying.
This was certainly a little less than desirable, but we saw some bathrooms near the marina as we left so we're hoping that next time we may be lucky enough to find a shower there.
If not, I'm bringing a gallon of water to drench ourselves with before we get into the car.

I've decided for our anniversary next month or sometime soon we need to go sailing on the Great Salt Lake.
A little sunset cruise? Count me in!
Who knew Salt Lake was so cool?
I've decided we need to continue to find little things like this that we've never done before.
I'm not sure if we'll get them all checked off our list before the end of the summer, but who says you can't find a little adventure in a place you've lived your entire life? 

Sometimes I forget how big my belly is getting, until I see pictures like these.
At nearly 39 weeks I'm pushing full capacity and this little babe feels so, so tight in there.
I kind of feel badly for her, actually.
I'm so grateful for little adventures like these with my little family and I'm excited to add another little love bug to the mix.
Three days! THREE DAYS and she's here!


  1. these photos are gorrrrrgeous!
    what a fun time for you all :]

    i've been to salt lake city once for an overnight stay during a cross country drive. it is by far one of the most beautiful states. these pictures make me want to return!

    good luck and best wishes for baby #2!

    1. Thanks Sara! Utah really is such an amazing place. So diverse and so beautiful. You should definitely come back! And thanks for the best wishes for baby #2. We're going to need it!

  2. oh my gosh this makes me so happy!
    I've lived in SLC my whole 23 years of life and I've NEVER been out there!!
    Where exactly did you go?
    I'll DEF have to go check this out!


    1. It's just called the Great Salt Lake Marina. Isn't it beautiful?? I was so surprised. There are a few companies that do sunset cruises for couples and groups here. It's a little pricey but I think it would be worth it. If you go, let me know what it's like!

  3. You look gorgeous Laura! Can't wait to see pics of that lil bean. :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! We're so excited to see this little babe too! And my oh my, that Ella is a beauty. I love seeing pictures of her on Instagram. Such a smiley little bug! And congratulations on your new house! So much fun. Hope you guys are doing well!