Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a fall wedding weekend


My best friend got married on Saturday.
It was a wedding that will go down in the books for a long, loooong time.
I'm telling you, that Arrington family...just the most talented bunch of people this side of the Mississippi.
And probably the other side too.
They thought of every little detail and had fun with it, like rather than numbering tables, they named them areas of New York City (where Elyse and Dave met and currently live) such as Upper East Side.
The wedding was held at Sundance, and as far as Uath goes in the fall, that's probably the creme de la creme as venues go this time of year.
It was...I dare say...kind of magical, what with all the changing leaves and the crisp, fall air.

I was a bridesmaid and my sister, Julia, played the welcoming music, as well as the processional music as Elyse walked down the aisle, so both of us had to be up at Sundance a few hours ahead of time.
That left blessed Robert to get the girls ready and packed up all by his lonesome.
My heart kind of skipped a beat as I looked down from the hill that we were getting our pictures taken to see my sweet little family of three file into their seats down at the ceremony site.
Robert had Lou Lou strapped to his chest and Minnie toddling alongside him.
I was obviously beyond thrilled they were on time (that is a miracle for our family) but I was also just glad to see my sweet family and my girls in such good hands...their dad's.
And honestly, they didn't look half bad either.
Mind you, I did lay out their outfits ahead of time, but Min's hair wasn't totally whack and she even had a bow in (which I didn't include in her ensemble).
What a man!
I couldn't help but laugh as I stood up front during the ceremony and glanced back to my littles in the back row.
Bob was trying to feed Lou Lou who was fussy and Minnie was all over the place, trying to go and talk to Julia (who had a mic in front of her).
That man had his hands full.

Following the ceremony and dinner, Minnie quickly became the star of the show.
She was at the center of every circle on the dance floor and was having the time of her life!
The ring bearer, Connor, who Elyse used to nanny in New York, became good buds with Minnie and the two of them were holding hands and dancing together throughout the night.
Minnie loves herself an older man.

Robert and I both laughed as we were driving home thinking about how tiring our day had been.
A wedding with two little ones is about the most exhausting thing in the world.
In between chasing Minnie all over kingdom come and then having to find secret places to nurse Lou Lou because I had to pretty much pull my whole dress off to do so, about killed us.
But man, it was a good day!


  1. And you did it all in style while looking beautiful. You have a cute little family!

    1. nicest compliment ever. thanks courtney! it was so fun to see you guys and that cute little bug of yours! i am loving keeping up on all your renovations and thrifty finds!

  2. what a gorgeous wedding and i love your dress!

    1. thanks eryka! etsy done me good. hope you and those sweet babes brewing in your tum are doing well. can't wait to see them in real life...which i'm sure you're only slightly looking forward to too.

  3. Cracked up at the image of robert wrangling the girls. It is funny to see your family at a distance cause usually, they are viewed from 10 feet or less away. Gives you new perspective and renewed energy to see the littles afar off.