Monday, October 7, 2013

our weekend in pictures


Last night as Robert and I were laying in bed I started mourning the loss of our weekend.
Not that we didn't enjoy it, but that we enjoyed it so much and now it was over.
It was just that good.

Watching 8 hours of TV sounds like a total drag, but when it's General Conference somehow I couldn't be more excited about it.
In spite of having two littles to distract us, we were able to watch almost all of it and I think that is the reason this weekend felt so good to me.
I was so encouraged and I'm excited to do better and to be better.
It breathed a little fresh air into these tired lungs.

On Friday we attended my mission reunion, which was a little bit of a headache with two kids who would have rather been anywhere else.
Even through the crying and chasing Minnie around I was still so grateful to be able to see my mission president and his sweet wife again.
They are two of the most inspiring people to me.
I want to be just like 'em.

Saturday was such a lovely day.
Family came over in the evening before the priesthood session of conference for our bi-annual "pizza and priesthood" party.
Hanging out with the girls and the kids for the two hours while the boys are gone is always so much fun...and chaotic.

Sunday we made breakfast with Nick, Megan and Mac.
Pancakes are Min's all time fave these days.
She can out-eat me easily.
The rest of the day was spent conference-watching, neighborhood walking, Sunday napping and leftover-pizza-eating.
Ideal Sunday, if you ask me.

Have I ever told you how much I love my girls? And my husband? And my family in general?
Pretty much in every post, right?
But it's true! And after watching conference I just love 'em even more.
And then looking at these pictures...gosh life is good.

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  1. 1. the girls are soo cute!
    2. i love your hair
    3. that sweater looks cozy!