Wednesday, November 27, 2013

instagramma jamma

1.} the face I get at least 9 times a day...moms are fun killers.
2.} 98th percentile...what of it? check out those little baby boobies!
3.} my heart about burst at this am I the mom of this sweet little girl in a tutu with crazy curly hair who's "helping me" make dinner? I used to dream about this.
4.} milk is about all I can fit in the cart these days. Lou ends up holding most of the groceries. bless the man who invented the bottom rack.
5.} we love that pops works for a bank because it means he's all ours on bank holidays.
6.} and the award for craziest kid at church today goes to...but her excitement at seeing me after nursery almost made up for it.
7.} my little butterball of sunshine.
8.} breakfast picnic and a movie in honor of the first snow...and because the heat downstairs hadn't kicked on yet.
9.} fairies make the best mechanics.
10.} my two ragamuffins. Min was pleased as punch that Lou can finally sit next to her in a high chair.
11.} Min has only had one accident in the last two weeks. I think the lady is officially potty trained! {knock on wood}. and check out the orange toe nails. nice, right?
12.} bored as can be at the finest eating establishment in SLC...Alberto's. It's our favorite weekly outing. free horchata on Tuesdays...I mean, how couldn't we?

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  1. even though i've already seen all of these pictures... i still find them hilarious!!