Monday, December 2, 2013

giving thanks

I miss my parents most on holidays.
Luckily I married into a family I love who make our little family feel so welcome.
Robert's mom and sister pretty much single-handedly undertook the Thanksgiving dinner this year.
My only contributions were Parmesan rolls and banana cream pie.
Let me tell you, I was happy to spend the majority of my Thanksgiving outside of the kitchen this year.
Bless those women.

It was a small group at the Collard household this Thanksgiving.
There were only two of nine children in attendance.
Janette and Troy brought their seven kids later on for pie and Minnie was in little girl heaven romping around with Melanie and Gracie.
Besides a major blow out on Lou Lou's part {thankfully I remembered an extra pair of clothes} and a knock to the head on Minnie's, the day was spectacular.
Quiet, but spectacular.

Every night as I kneel to pray I immediately become overwhelmed with gratitude.
I could have never dreamed of such a lovely life.
I have two beautiful little girls that give my life so much purpose and happiness.
I have a husband who loves his family, who makes me laugh, works hard, is selfless, patient and kind.
I have friends and family all around me who support me and make my life so full.
I have a lovely roof over my head {albeit someone else's roof for the time being}, plenty of food to eat, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ which totally centers me and gives me perspective and meaning to my life.
I can literally feel my heart almost full to the brim with happiness in those quiet moments on my knees in the dark.
Gosh, I am grateful.


  1. i'm doing a great imitation of minnie's "happy face" in my cameo in this post.