Friday, November 1, 2013

october summed up by instagram

1. Minnie and I went out and gathered some leaves on a walk. She told me these were blue and pink. We are working on colors.
2. Two of my good friends, Marissa and Ginger, and their little babes came with me and the girls to Gardner Village a few weeks ago. The bigger kids all got to ride on ponies. Minnie was a real natural, swaying her hips along with the movement of her horse, Blueberry. Nothing could be funnier than seeing these little kids on little horses.
3. Minnie after church, ignoring the fact that I had asked her five times already to come down and get in the car. I had to document it, naturally.
4. Caramel apples for family home evening. I think I have ten cavities because of these babies.
5. Minnie and her boyfriend Gray. They held hands a good majority of the day that day.
6. Some of the pumpkins we harvested from the backyard. It was by far one of our best crops.
7. Avenues in the fall is my favorite. Minnie is a big fan of leaf crunching. It's so funny how every season seams new to her because she doesn't remember anything from a year ago. I love it because it makes everything so new and exciting.
8. Minnie started to refuse naps for awhile and I wanted to cry. I think we're back onto a good napping routine and she's snoozing like a real baby right now. Praise the heavens above!
9. Minnie really loves the neighbor's cat down the street. She'll often look for it out the window or ask for it as we're walking out the front door.
10. October gave us some pretty wonderful sunsets.
11. The wedding!
12. My view during our fall walks through the neighborhood. Love these two little girls of mine!
13. Minnie meeting Lance and Christine's little Bennett Nicholas for the first time. Christine was nice enough to share some of her Lorna Doone cookies with Minnie but then Minnie rubbed a bunch of cookie crumbs right into Bennett's hair. Soooooorry!
14. Some of the loot from our apple picking. Made for some delicious apple crisp!
15. The cutest bookstore downtown. I miss living downtown.
16. Cute Minnie in her lobster costume! Isn't Halloween a million times better with kids??

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  1. Love the ponies!! Looks like you guys had a busy, but FUN! October:)