Monday, November 4, 2013


I had such high hopes of putting together another family costume this year, but man, I was just a big fat bag of lazy bones and didn't make it happen.
The last couple years Bob and I have found a costume for Minnie and then planned our theme around that.
We'd hoped with the cute lobster costume we scored we'd be able to put together a good Little Mermaid motif, but once again, Miss Lazy Bones didn't get it together.

Halloween was still a lot of fun and we ended up going to three different trunk or treats prior to Halloween and Min scored big time at those as well as at Robert's office trick or treat event.
This house has waaaaay to much sugar lying around and I'm about 94% sure I've gotten three new cavities from all the Snickers I've been chowing down on.

Robert and I decided that even though we didn't get a cool costume put together that we'd still get dressed up because we knew Min would love it.
And love it she did.
Right before we went out trick-or-treating I had her come upstairs with me while I got my cat costume put together.
Once I put the ears on and had my whiskers drawn Minnie started smiling from ear to ear.
"Get down, Mom" she said, pointing to the floor.
"Meow, Mom" she continued. So I did.
Her smile got even bigger and she wrapped her arm around my neck and put her cheek against mine and said, "Hi Kitty!"
Killer. She couldn't have been happier that I'd joined in the fun.
She called me "Kitty" pretty much the rest of the night and had me and everyone else meowing at some point.

Bob threw together a little Lucious Malfoy (from Harry Potter) costume about 2 minutes before we walked out the door, and although the wig looked ridiculous, it worked.
We went trick-or-treating with our cute friends from the ward, the Bakers.
And check out THEIR costumes!!!
Andrea put me to real costume shame this year and makes me want to get my act together next year.
Can you believe she made that fairy godmother coat and knit the cute hat for Gus Gus???
Minnie is seriously into princesses these days and I kind of felt badly that she wasn't a princess this year.
She didn't even really know what a lobster was before we got her the costume, but she ended up loving it in the long run. Lucky for me.
Minnie really loves Kenzie and kept telling me what a "pretty princess" she was.
Indeed she was.
And speaking of awesome costumes...Julia's is pretty rockin' too.
Clever girl she is. Clever girl.

We went to a party at Nick and Megan's following our trick-or-treating and enjoyed some delicious chili and bread and treats.
The house was packed and Minnie had herself the time of her life.
Lou lost it for some reason for about 20 minutes straight and that put a serious damper on Halloween for me, but somehow we all survived...and mostly had a great time.
Here's to trying harder next year!


  1. I went as a kitty too (lame last minute mom here too!) Liam Looo-ved it and asks me everyday since if I am dressing as a kitty again. Haha. Halloween is so much fun with kids!

  2. i hear ya. but i will tell ya, you are the best jumbled costume family i've seen thus far. I hope the kitty nickname sticks :) we dressed up, but didn't manage one single family photo? ayecarumba. kinda wishing we could have seen you in real life costumes. xx

  3. You're too nice. And your costumes were great. Minnie and Kenzie are so cute together. Kenzie talks about Minnie all the time too.

  4. The Lucia us wig is killing me. The while kitty bit is really funny. Isn't it great to see their faces light up when you do crazy stuff?