Thursday, November 14, 2013

papa's day off

Do you know what I love about Robert's job more than almost anything else?
He gets every single bank holiday off. Every single one!
So the lucky little dogs that we are get to go do fun things like have a day at the zoo when no one else is there because 95% of the rest of the world has to work.

So...that's just what we did last Monday.
After pancakes for breakfast and some quick baths we enjoyed ourselves a lovely 65 degree November afternoon at the zoo, got face-to-face with a tiger, stretched our necks like giraffes, walked on walls because Dad was there to hold our hands while Mom pushed the stroller and gave Lou her first ride on a merry-go-round {Lou showed some mild excitement about the whole ordeal. We're hoping for a better response next time around}.
Minnie loved showing Bob all of the animals but kept requesting to see the zebras, which they actually don't have at our zoo.
Maybe she knows something I don't?

We followed our zoo trip with a run to Costco where we zig-zagged through the aisles with a snoozy Lou and a fidgety Min to make sure we found every free sample (Robert's favorite pastime) and then topped off our visit with an obligatory $1.50 Polish dog and a soda.
Twenty minutes later we had both girls in bed for naps and I was outta the house on errands...all. by. myself.
I got to roam around Target for an hour just because I could.
I stopped at the dollar section twice...just because I could.
If I could have dreamed up my favorite day of all time, it would probably have looked a lot like this one.
And hey, tomorrow's Friday!
The weekend comes so much faster when Monday's a holiday.
Looking forward to January and February which are chalk full of bank holidays!