Tuesday, November 5, 2013

hodge podge bloggity blog

I take about 34,587 pictures on my phone every day.
Most of them don't make it to Instagram, but I can't let these little moments from daily life just slip on by and be left undocumented, now can I?
This, my friends, is a super smash blog of our last week {in no particular order, I apologize}.

As you can tell, the weather has quickly changed.
On Saturday we had ourselves a lovely 70 degree afternoon at the park.
Lou enjoyed her third time swinging in a big girl swing, hunched over and looking ridiculous but totally loving it.
Minnie asks Lou Lou to do things with her on a daily basis.
"Jump, Lou Lou!" "Dance, Lou Lou!" "Slide, Lou Lou!"
At first I would just tell Minnie Louisa was too small to do all the things she was asking her to do, but it didn't stop her from asking.
It wasn't until Robert got home from work a few weeks after Lou was born and Minnie asked her to dance with her that I realized why she didn't stop asking.
Dad can make Lou Lou do anything Minnie asks.
Bob had Lou Lou bouncing around on her little toes to the music and riding on Minnie's shoulders {while he held onto her, of course} and Minnie was in big sister heaven.
I love how much he wants these girls to be friends and helps include Louisa in Min's little adventures.
So as you can see in the second set of pictures, Lou now slides with Minnie too and Minnie thinks it's the bees knees, holding hands and everything.

This morning we woke up to our first snowfall of the season.
I rolled out of bed and made the executive decision that we would be staying home today {even though we did yesterday too. Lazy mom extraordinaire}.
I was so excited to see what Minnie thought about the snow, because she has honestly forgotten about everything that happened last year.
We put our coats, hats and boots on over our pj's and tromped out into the backyard.
Minnie scooted around the yard making footprints for about 10 minutes without saying a word, just smiling and smiling.
I then reminded her that you could eat snow {which she'd forgotten}.
She was a little unsure at first, but after a quick mouthful she was hooked.
Cute little thing.

Laurel came in from London for her grandmother's funeral this last weekend.
It was so nice to see her and the service was so lovely.
Sweet Mimi was such a firey southern lady with a wit like you wouldn't believe. 
I wish Laurel didn't live so darn far away but Bob and I have high hopes of making it out to England in the next few years to visit and to have dinner at Laurel's boyfriend's restaurant that he just opened.

Minnie had a hay day trick-or-treating at Bob's office.
She got more candy there than she did trick-or-treating through our neighborhood and ended up pushing her bucket in her stroller.
It was too heavy to be carried, obviously.
We love visiting Bob at work!

We celebrated sweet Aspen Ayers at her blessing this weekend.
Gosh, I don't think there's anything sweeter than a baby blessing.

Minnie got some fairy wings as a little gift from Nick and Megan's Halloween party.
The morning after Halloween I helped her put them on for the first time and she jumped around the house for about 15 minutes yelling, "I'm a butterfly! I'm a butterfly!"
Maybe that's what she should have been for Halloween.
Next year...

And last, but certainly not least, is Minnie's growing Minnie Mouse collection, which she is obsessed with.
When we decided to name her Minnie I was pretty adamant about not associating her name with Minnie Mouse.
I just didn't want people thinking we were Disney freaks or something.
Well I guess it was inevitable, but people still gave her Minnie Mouse stuff and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
So, we're just going with it and letting her love Minnie Mouse.
Our good friends, Lance and Christine, saw this giant Minnie Mouse at Costco a little while ago and surprised Minnie with it this weekend.
It is bigger than Minnie!
She rode home holding Minnie Mouse's hand {who took up an entire seat} and has been obsessed with her since.
I just put her down for a nap and Minnie insisted that Minnie Mouse come up and take a nap on the couch in her room at the same time.
She even gave her a pillow and a blanket.
I guess you have to make your stuffed animals your best friends if your mom doesn't leave the house for days.
Bless our hearts.

And there you have it, the longest blog post there ever was that was actually only going to be mostly pictures and just a few lines.


  1. first off, that blue dress you are wearing is gorgeous and I want one just like it. secondly, aren't lance and christine great with their random gifts that they find for our kiddos? And third, Minnie and Lou are adorable and we really need to get together. Asap. Love you!

  2. From 70 to snow?! EW. We were almost at 70 Saturday but it dropped to 48 yesterday. I was complaining but at least it's not snowing!

  3. i always feel really uplifted after funerals, especially grandmothers and the like. sad, but also happy. also, i hope no one is offended by this (most notably your husband) but is your husband's name really bob?! that's awesome. who knew there were bobs around in this day and age? i love it! :)