Tuesday, December 3, 2013

deckin' the halls with little hands

Robert kind of dreads decorating for Christmas because it means rifling through zillions of boxes in the deep delves of a stuffed closet to find just the right decorations.
However, on Sunday night he came out of left field when he proposed to Minnie that we start decking the halls.
Minnie was 100% in and I was 100% surprised.
So, that dreamy guy of mine waltzed downstairs and miraculously came up with the majority of the decorations I wanted within about five minutes.
Turns out we were smart last year and put them in very last. Huzzah!!

With bedhead from Sunday naps and full bellies from Sunday dinner we turned on our favorite Pandora Christmas station {because my mom snuck all of the good Christmas cd's away with her to Guam} and got into the spirit of Christmas.
And can I tell you, decorating becomes like 1,589,536 times more fun with a little person helping?
It also becomes equally as difficult, but that's beside the point.
My grandmother, Louise, gave me and each of my siblings a different ornament every year for Christmas and they are all so different and sweet.
They are a real treasure to me.
Minnie's little hands have never moved faster than when I opened that box of ornaments.
She was pulling out little Santas, angels, bells, nutcrackers, miniature houses and violins and showing me each one as she turned it in her tiny hands, smiling and then looking up at me with this little glow in her eyes.
It was like magic.
Explaining that they were not toys was...impossible.
About every few hours since we've put up the tree she's run over to try and blow on the miniature trumpet and nearly pulled the tree over and gotten spit every which way.
We're working on it.

Since we will not be spending Christmas morning at our house this year we have again opted for minimal decorations, but gosh, we had to do something.
We used one of my mom's little fake trees and therefore only used about 1/6 of the ornaments, but it still makes our house feel so cozy.
{Still wishing we could have gotten a real tree. The smell of real pine is Christmas to me. Next year...next year.}
It was already dark by the time we started decorating and as soon as the lights were on the tree it was like *bang!* the Christmas season had officially begun.
Once we'd finished decorating the tree Robert held Minnie up so she could put the star on top.
She was so proud of herself and it about melted me.
We pulled out Minnie's first picture with Santa when she was about Lou's age and it made me a little achy for my baby Minnie again.
It also got me so excited thinking about how much fun this year will be since she knows who Santa is and has a little better grasp on the whole concept of the holiday.
I'm telling you, this year is gonna be a good one.
I can just feel it.

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