Monday, December 23, 2013

pretty parties are some of my favorite kind of parties

I love starting new traditions.
This year my three best friends from college and I decided to start an annual Christmas dinner, and yes, it was amazing because the little girlies were with Grandma and Robert and I could just sit and eat and think of nothing else but the conversation at hand, and because my friend Shelly is a genius and created the most beautiful party of all time, but mostly it was amazing because I was surrounded by people that I love tremendously.
They are people that know my faults and love me for them.
And even after more than five years since we lived with each other, it's as easy as it ever was to be together.
And man, I rarely laugh harder than I do with these girls of mine.
Like laughing-until-your-stomach-hurts-and-you-can't-breathe-anymore kind of laughing.

Shelly lives in the most incredible old mansion on State Street, just below the Capitol.
Although I loathe the place because you can't find a parking spot to save your life (and I usually end up having to walk a few blocks slipping on ice the entire way) it is sure darn beautiful.

Three of the four of us had babies this year and I am really looking forward to seeing them interact over the years and including them in our traditions.
It is such a gift to have people I love so much who love me in return and it's incredible to be able to add more people to the mix...boyfriends, spouses and now babies...and feel the love we have for each other just grow and expand.
Love is kind of great that way.
It never runs out.

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