Monday, December 23, 2013

ho ho ho

On Saturday Santa visited our ward party.
I was standing next to Minnie when he came in "Ho, Ho, Ho" -ing and she looked up at me with both extreme excitement and total fear all at once.
I swooped her up and told her to say hi to him.
She yelled, "HI SANTA!!!" and waved her little hand with her whole body to the jolly old man across the room.
I about died!
I knew she was terrified but gosh, she was excited too.
So many emotions in one little body.

As he came closer she clung to me a little tighter.
I was totally unsure how things would go once it was our turn to sit on his lap, but she was shockingly brave.
It took her a minute to warm up to him, but Santa was as sweet as could be and pulled her right up on his lap like he was her grandpa or something.
Minnie kind of went mute but I knelt there by her side as she talked to him and she managed to spurt out that she wanted a crown and a princess dress in the quietest voice you've ever heard (or could barely hear at all).

I've heard some people say they really don't like having their kids believe in Santa because it feels like a big lie and somehow they will be emotionally damaged down the road or something because of it.
I get that, but honestly, I believed in Santa for quite a while growing up and I kind of just figured out he wasn't real on my own, but I still thought it was fun to pretend.
Watching Minnie kind of get the concept of Santa this year has been so magical.
Seeing her face light up when he walked in the door was one of my favorite parent moments thus far.
I like that he symbolizes hope and love and happiness.
In a world where there is so much bad I think it is lovely to believe in something so good, even if it isn't real.

Merry almost Christmas!!

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