Wednesday, January 29, 2014


There's no getting around this one...this is gonna be a smash blog post if there ever was one but it is a necessity, for posterity's sake.
And yes, that last picture is waaaaaaayyyy too pink, but look at those little doe eyes, raised (non-existent) eyebrows and juicy lips!!
Had to post it.

Winter has not been kind to us.
Over the last two weeks all of us have been sick, and by sick, I mean seriously sick.
Minnie started it all with the stomach flu, which was sooooo terrible.
Changed her sheets three times in one night.
Aiming is hard to do when you're two.
She kept telling us how she "aaah aaah aaah'd", which being interpreted meant threw up.
It was seriously pathetic watching her suffer with it all night and then begging for water which she couldn't even keep down.
But look at her up in the picture snug in her bed (aka a mattress and lots of pillows).
She was happy as a clam between upheavals and it didn't hurt that we watched about a years worth of Dora and Sophia the First within those three days of her being sick.
I also got it one day but willed myself to not toss because I didn't want to lose my milk.
Julia, bless her sweet soul, got it a week later on her birthday no less.

Two days after Minnie was finally getting back to herself she woke up with a major fever which got to about 106 at one point.
Instacare confirmed it: ear infection, just as I suspected.
Luckily the antibiotics taste like bubble gum, Minnie's all time fave, so after a few rounds of that she's good as new.
Let's cross our fingers we all keep on the up and up.

Ok, so onto less depressing news...
Birthday week was a success, in spite of all the illness in our house.
I tried to throw Robert a surprise party but Julia and I kind of blew it without even realizing right before I took him to dinner that night.
I was so mad!
I tried to throw him off by blindfolding him and driving an insane way home from dinner but the man was not fooled.
He was, however, surprised how many people came, as was I.
It was a good night.

Julia's birthday was a total bust but we are going to try and relive it this weekend with pizza and karaoke.
My birthday was on a Sunday so activities were strewn about throughout the week, like breakfast on Saturday, a fun family dinner on Sunday (that was really for all of us birthday folk), a thoughtful array of little presents from Robert, a date night out for sushi at the Naked Fish on Monday and a massage that will happen next week.
I prefer birthdays that last for weeks.

Lou just keeps getting bigger and cuter and more fun.
Is it crazy to be obsessed with your own child?
Probably, but I am...with both of them.
I have a feeling Lou Lou may be a red head and Grandma Louise is probably petitioning someone up in heaven to change that pronto.
Lou is also now sitting up and at her 6 month appointment we confirmed that she is indeed still enormous.

Minnie loves to pick her "lints" out of her toes.
It's like she can't help herself once her socks come off.
We spend lots of our wintery days in our jammies upstairs in the den or in my room playing with toys, putting together puzzles or watching shows.
And Minnie is a puzzle genius.
It's unbelievable.

Lou has started shaking her head back and forth and she thinks it's hilarious.
While we are driving she and Minnie will shake their heads back and forth at each other and then giggle these hearty little giggles.
I love looking in the rear view mirror and watching the whole thing.
I hope they become the best of friends.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, our hands are awfully tired this afternoon because we CLOSED ON OUR FIRST HOUSE!!! (which requires no less than 157,984 signatures).
We get the keys March 1st and I already have like 5 million ideas regarding paint colors and furniture arrangements and it is actually making it hard for me to sleep at night because I just keep planning things in my head.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. ugh, seriously. Can winter just be over already? EVERYONE is sick and I hate it. :(

    Love the pictures. She is so precious! <3

  2. The lints! I love it. She comes from a long line of pickers. Lou is not a red head. I guess only time will really tell. Congrats on the house!!! I am so excited to see what you do with it!