Tuesday, May 20, 2014

st. george pt. 1

Every summer we head out of town on a little mini vacation with Bob's buds and their cute wives.
The tradition has been going strong for nearly four years and although more and more babies are entering the picture, we're finding a way to make it work.
I'm hoping we keep the tradition alive forever so it's something all of our kids look forward to each year.

This year we went down to St. George again and rented a condo together.
The view from the balcony was amazing and the weather was hot, hot, hot!
I lathered the girls up with sunscreen and Lou kept her pale white skin like a champ but I couldn't keep Min from tanning.
How can they be sisters but be so different?
It kills me.

Minnie and Liam were the best of pals on this trip and would play almost all day together.
Stick those two in their little floaties and they'd swim for hours.
I don't think she could have been much happier.
Having Bob to ourselves for five days straight was kind of like heaven for me.
He watched the girls a few times so we could go out for pedicures and a little time next to the pool.
Dream city.

Right now between the eight of us there are five kids, but Debi is pregnant and Lance and Christine had a little announcement themselves this trip.
Liam and Minnie had been pretending to have birthday parties for 24 hours straight and Christine randomly cooked up some brownies the second day we were there.
She then stuck a bunch of number 7 candles in the brownies and lit them for the kids to blow out after we sang happy birthday.
I was just assuming she was playing into their whole "party" idea, but right after they blew out the candles Christine announced, "I'm pregnant!"
This obviously took all of us by surprise since they just had Bennett in October.
This next babe is due in December.
Irish twins anyone??!
We were all dying.
I'm so excited for them!

Oh gosh, it's good to be home and back to real life, but I can't help but miss waking up in the morning, lounging, heading to the pool and eating really good food.

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