Tuesday, May 27, 2014

weekly rewind

My cute friend, Ginger, has recently started what she calls "Friday Lemonade" where each Friday she lists all the "sweet" and all the "sour" of her week.
I have found myself dying over lots of her sours and have realized that far too often I just let all my phone pictures pile up and kind of forget lots of the details behind them.
So I've decided to kind of do something similar because I know it is something I will look back on often in years to come, especially as my kids get older and I want to look back and remember this stage of our lives that is already slipping by waaaaay too fast.

It is obviously not Friday, but I didn't want to let two whole weeks pass by without posting since I took approximately 1 billion pictures in the last week and a half.
So, without further ado, here are a few of our highs and lows this last week (or so)...

Highs: Three day weekend, holla! - A trip to the zoo which included a twist ice cream cone split between the sisters and I -  Lou Lou pulling herself up on everything and crawling like it ain't no thang - My debut as the new primary pianist - A date night to the temple and getting there early enough to jump on the earlier session (a major first for us) - A weenie and mallow roast at the Larson's - Celebrating sweet Erica's 30th birthday - Dinner in the backyard - A date with Minnie to Swig - A Sunday walk up Memory Grove and watching Minnie try and hit a baseball - Listening to Minnie's personal prayers - Teething is finally over (for a minute) and Louie is a happy little lady -  Painting the piano bench...I can't stop painting things - A surprise visit from Nick and Megan Saturday morning - Ginger hooking me up with a ticket to Alt Summit - Finally finding curtains I like for the front room - After dinner cookie bake off while Bob finished up some yard work - Minnie getting a big bag of Jelly Belly's at church from she and Louie's biggest fan (my visiting teacher that I love so, so much) - Enjoying those Jelly Belly's on the church lawn while Bob had an interview - An adventure to Antelope Island - A new box of books for Minnie

Lows: Toooooo much yard work (poor Bobby) - A rainy Saturday - Driving all the way to Ikea (30 minutes) and then pulling into the parking lot and realizing I'd left my wallet at home (I almost cried) - Lou Lou pooping in the bathtub (the first time that has ever happened to us...Minnie hopped out of the tub in about 0.5 seconds flat) - Peeling skin after not applying enough sunscreen in St. George...boo - Losing our zoo ride punch pass and not being able to ride the merry-go-round - Louie putting everything in her mouth - Missing out on a girl's getaway to Bear Lake -A blistered toe in the Great Salt Lake...zing! - Starting Whole 30 last Tuesday morning with Nikki and then promptly quitting right after lunch because we were starving (embarrassing, I know)