Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a memorial day adventure

I'm not sure what it is, but every time a three-day weekend rolls around I feel this need to take us on some sort of adventure.
The adventures are getting a little trickier as we add kids to the mix, but they're getting that much more fun too.
I have had this strange fascination with the Great Salt Lake over the last year and since our trip out there right before Lou was born (here) I've been wanting to go back.

Bob and I had never been to Antelope Island (well, we had once way before we were dating but it was late at night and the gates were closed...we were dumb) so we decided Monday was the perfect chance.
And man, it was sooooo beautiful.
I wish I would have planned a little better though, like brought swim suits for the girls.
That happened last time too.
Will I ever learn? Duh!
Minnie didn't mind one bit and plowed full steam ahead into that warm, salty water in her overalls and t-shirt.
I did put sunscreen on everyone but Bob but I didn't bring an umbrella which would have helped cool us down a lot and somehow I didn't realize I'd brought a wool 90 degree heat.

The hike down to the beach took about 10 minutes with the girls and all our bags and I got a blister that stung like the dickens when I walked into that salty lake but besides allllllll of that, we had a great time.
Minnie had pretty much the time of her life.
I brought tons of toys for her to play with and all she really wanted to do was throw rocks and run through the water.
Oh, the simplicity of childhood.
I wish we could have stayed all day for her.
She would have happily.
And that, my friends, is why I like planning adventures like these.
Because even if they're logistically tough to make happen, if the girls love them then we've done something right.

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