Friday, June 27, 2014

weekly rewind

best: spending time with laurel before she heads back to london (and dreaming about her fall wedding come september) - pizza at the park with julia - dean's memorial and the bagpipes and balloon send beautiful but a major tear jerker - the smell of freshly bathed babies - our little tomato plants surviving in spite of my black thumb (now if we get any sort of tomatoes on them I'll be really surprised) - a carb-loaded dinner with nick, megan and julia sunday night and a meal that lasts us nearly all week -lou's sweet little waves hello and goodbye - gooooood naps - a trip to the splash pad and minnie actually getting wet this time - alberto's tuesday..gosh I've missed that place (we are so ghetto) - a quick stop for frozen gogurts at the parrish's - finally finding a hat big enough for my enormous noggin - discovering call the midwives on netflix - watching minnie dance and sing in her carseat in the rear-view mirror - a good summer rainstorm and open windows at night - a day at the pool with new friends (who both have two girls just about my girls' ages) - min pronouncing all her th's like f's (moffs not moths and fings not things) - the way lou plants her face in anything soft - minnie and lou crawling and chasing each other around the house

worst: louie's determination to stand up in the tub and then slipping and almost knocking herself out every time - minnie wetting the bed day after day and somehow not discovering it until way later in the day - both girls getting a cold (which means I'm bound too) - sooooo much cleaning that needs to be done - emptying the dishwasher - lou's obsession with the bathroom - my obsession with the bachelorette (what is my deal?!)

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