Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sisters and pizza in the park

If I haven't already complained about it enough on here, well, here I go again...I hate it when Robert has to go out of town for work.
Single moms, I tell you what...they are rockstars.
Or maybe I'm just a huge wuss.
Regardless, I hate it.

My sister Julia has been my right arm for a good chunk of both of Robert's trips these last two weeks.
Aren't sisters the best?
My sisters (and sister-in-law, who I consider my sister) are some of my very best friends.
I was lucky enough to spend my senior year of college living with Julia.
I look back on that year so often.
We painted our shared room a neon green, adopted two dogs from the humane society without asking any of our other roommates first (totally rude), ate an insane amount of Wheat Thins, cottage cheese and diet root beer (mostly me) and spent a lot of our time being terribly lazy, napping and laughing until the deepest part of our guts hurt.
Fast forward five or so years and there we were living together again (my dream come true!!!) in my parents house, but this time I had a little family and we were all just bunking up together because hello...no rent!
I love that my girls got to know Julia so well.
And man, I have missed her so much since we've moved.
She just makes me so happy and her sarcasm and cynicism make me laugh harder than almost anything can.

We spent Friday evening at the park, chowing down on pizza and chasing my little ladies around.
Julia is the best with Minnie and is so good at pretending with her and making her feel special.
It was a breath of fresh air for me and for the girls...a perfect summer night.
If you ask me, sisters make dark days a lot sunnier.
I sure love mine.
And I'm sure glad my girls have each other.

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