Wednesday, July 9, 2014

weekly rewind on a wednesday

best: MY PARENTS ARE HOOOOME!!! - louie girl taking some of her first steps (7 to be exact) at my parent's house the night they got back - a last-minute trip to the cabin - date night getting indian food downtown and forcing robert to take pictures at the top of the parking structure - $2 rides at liberty park - july 5th bees fireworks on the lawn at sonic enjoying half price shakes and watching the girlies faces light up at all the "popping" (and minnie covering her ears the majority of the time) - lots of library dates and good books - eating otter pops and gardening with min during lou's morning naps - backyard baby pool and sprinkler playdate with the barnson girls and their cute babes - loads of rootbeer floats - swimming at our sweet neighbor's pool with the larsons - the most beautiful sky the whole drive home from the cabin - dinner with the mecham clan at golden phoenix (we are going to keep that place in business one plate of general tsao's chicken at a time) - park date with ginger and the boys - late night zumba class

worst: a dentist and a doctor appointment in the same week (who planned that??) - driving home from the cabin late on the 4th of july and only being able to see fireworks from the freeway - robert jamming his thumb - louie eating a dead fly at the cabin - accidentally leaving elephant at grandma and grandpa's for a few nights - a few things just not working out like we'd been praying they would - some purple mysterious stuff in the washer putting stains on everything - a perpetually messy house (it's too nice outside to be inside and clean)

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  1. Loving your blog Laura! Such a beautiful family and such beautiful photos. And how fun to have your parents back home?! 3 years is a long time. Excited for a fun new blog to read :) let's get together soon