Tuesday, July 22, 2014

louie girl is one!


Friday was Louisa's first birthday.
I was totally sentimental and on the brink of major emotion much of the day.
A mama bear at her best, I guess.
I just kept reviewing the past year and all that has happened in our family and how quickly Lou changed.

Minnie's babyhood flew by!
I couldn't wait for her to reach her next milestone...rolling over, eating solids, crawling, walking, talking.
And then suddenly I woke up one day and my baby was a toddler.
Luckily soon after that I found out I was pregnant with Louie.
And although I figured I'd feel just the same about pregnancy and having an infant again as I had the first time around, I was totally wrong.
I think I appreciated everything even more the second time around because I understood how fleeting all of it was.
That big belly would fade and those sweet movements on my inside would soon be on the outside and that little, tiny, sleepy baby would be talking in no time and would want independence all too soon.

This past year of Lou's life I have literally tried to soak up every last ounce of her babyhood.
I have been less anxious for milestones and really tried to relish those moments in her room as I rock her to sleep.
I worried I may not have a closeness with her like I did Minnie because she wouldn't get as much of my attention, but I feel a deep closeness with Lou that I will treasure forever, and I am so grateful for that.
She has been such a good, happy little thing and I smile now just thinking about her.

For Minnie I was so good at keeping up to date on her month-to-month changes and I have been terrible about that with Lou.
And goodness, I am seriously in love with Louie right now.
Like I can't wait to get her up some mornings because I ache to kiss her sweet, chubby face.
And because I want to remember her at the phase of her life forever I wanted to jot down a few things about what she's like right now:
  • Sucks on two fingers the majority of the day but especially when she's tired and there's a callous built up on her middle finger because of it
  • Although she has the fingers on her left hand in her mouth most of the time it seems like she may be a lefty 
  • Stands up in her crib in the morning and jumps up and down with a big grin when we come in to get her
  • She has a fleece blanket that she loves to sleep with and as soon as she sees that thing she'll just lay her head and as much of her body as possible on it. If she's really tired she'll do this to practically any blanket, or anything that's soft for that matter
  • Obsessed with shoes and will carry them around the house for hours. She'll also try to put them on, which is hilarious
  • Is obsessed with bathrooms (so gross)
  • Never took a bottle very well and pretty much went straight to sippy cups
  • Loves to crawl in small spaces and can often be found in Minnie's closet giggling to herself
  • Not very shy at all and will go to pretty much anyone (but slowly is becoming a mama's girl...although she really loves her papa too)
  • Will nuzzle her head against yours and then nuzzle it into your neck, especially if she's tired
  • Clicks her tongue
  • Three teeth on the top and three teeth on the bottom
  • Started walking a week or so after she turned 11 months and started cruising pretty well within about two weeks.
  • Loves to hand us things and then take it back.
  • Is getting pretty good at peek-a-boo but often just gives you a big grin and covers the top of her head rather than her eyes
Love you my sweet Louie girl!
You mean the world to me.

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