Thursday, August 21, 2014

a birthday breakfast for minnie

On the morning of Minnie's birthday I woke to the sound of her bedroom door opening (and then quietly closing...she always closes it behind herself after she wakes up) and then over the edge of my bed I saw her muffed, blonde bedhead come trotting into our bedroom.
She always comes to my side of the bed first to announce that she is awake and that "it isn't dark outside anymore"...meaning she doesn't have to sleep anymore.
When she saw my eyes open she smiled and said, "I'm freeeee!" (translation: "I'm threeeee!).
I swept her up into the bed with me and plopped her between me and Robert so we could cuddle up our new three-year-old and talk about what a big girl she's become.

Since starting a family I have thought a lot about traditions and those I'd like to start with our children.
There were things we'd do in my family that I always looked forward to and that I look back on with such fondness.
Over the last few years Robert and I have compiled lists of little and big traditions we'd like to do with our kids.
Robert is big on pancakes so over the last year or two we have made it a tradition to have pancakes every Saturday morning as a family, and I love it!
I decided on Minnie's birthday this year to start the tradition of having a little morning feast for birthdays.
We were given this cute "you are special" plate for our wedding and have only used it a handful of times, but what better way to use it than at a breakfast feast topped with a pancake, sprinkles and candles??

I kept Minnie at bay in our bed playing a game while I whipped up breakfast and set the table.
Her eyes lit up when she saw the balloons and when she noticed the sprinkles on her pancake she beamed and said, "I like these!" and then started eating them one at a time with her little fingers.
I bought her a little birthday dress this year (she actually helped me pick it out but forgot about it...I love that about three-year-olds) and was so excited to open it up and put it on after breakfast.
A birthday outfit may have to be another tradition.

It was the perfect way to start off her birthday together as a family and I am so excited about all of the fun traditions we have to look forward to.

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