Friday, August 22, 2014

one last birthday post

I promise, this is the last birthday post for a good long while.
It feels like we have sort of just been partying for an entire month now, doing lots of little things in the name of one of the girls birthdays.
It has been such a fun month but I am about partied out.

We decided last minute to put together a little cake and ice cream party at our place for Minnie's birthday.
It turned into much more of a birthday party than we'd anticipated, but Minnie had the time of her life with lots of her buds so in my book it was totally worth it.
When we were discussing what kind of cake she wanted me to make for her she requested a "princess cake."
Well, that cake up there is about as princessy as it gets from me, I guess, but it was pink and flowery so she was satisfied.
A few friends who we haven't seen in sooooo long were able to come which made me happy, along with Bob's buds and most of their cute wives and a lot of Robert's family, including his sweet dad who isn't doing too well.
We were all so happy to see he was able to make it, and he even requested two helpings of ice cream as usual :)
Most of my family couldn't come (why didn't we plan this thing earlier??) but cute Megan and Doyle were able to represent.
Love them.

How do I have a three-year-old??
A three-year-old who starts preschool in about a week??
There is a little pain in my heart every time I realize how old Minnie is becoming, but honestly, the older she becomes the more fun she becomes too.
I used to kind of feel lonely during the day when Min was littler, closer to Lou's age, because she couldn't communicate verbally with me.
Over the last year she and I have become so close because we literally talk about everything all day long.
We laugh at Lou together and she's starting to get my jokes.
Oh, that belly laugh!
Nothing is more rewarding than getting one of those from her.
I feel like we have such a great year to look forward to.
I love you so much Minnie girl!

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  1. Louie looks like a grown up girl in these. Maybe it's the mature top