Thursday, August 14, 2014

celebration station

There are four birthdays in our family within about a month of each other so it has been celebration city over in these parts the last few weeks.
Minnie and my brother (Uncle Nick) have birthdays two days apart so while my cute sister and her boys were in town for the Mecham family reunion my mom threw a little birthday party.
She got all of the kids the cutest little party favors and they played with them in the yard pre-party and post-party.
They also enjoyed a 20 minute tackle session with Uncle Nick and Robert that had all of us laughing (and hoping nobody got an accidental black eye).

I can't tell you how much I love having my whole family together.
My sister always used to joke that I was Beth from Little Women because all I ever want is for my whole family to be together.
It's true. That's the one thing in this world that makes me happiest of all.
Charlotte and her boys stayed with us at our place for a little over a week and although it was noisy and our house felt extremely small with all those little bodies running around, I loved it more than you can believe.
Those boys are just the sweetest and the funniest and Charlotte is one of my very best friends.
Ask Robert, I was depressed the rest of the day on Saturday after they left.
I couldn't help it.
I'm sad I didn't get more pictures of all of these ragamuffins while they were here, but we were too busy having fun, making messes, cleaning up messes and adventuring around our neck of the woods.
Please come back soon Carlottie!

Minnie turned three yesterday (what the?!) and we've had celebrations going all week and have big plans for this weekend!
I'm probably more excited about it than she is.
I can't wait to share more pictures.

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  1. We miss you guys too! One day our wildest dreams will come true.