Monday, August 11, 2014

a first birthday

Our sweet little Louie girl turned one last month.
July was kind of a doozy for us and I am finally getting my tooshy in gear to post a little recap of the celebration.
We invited all of our family and good friends to the shin dig and praise those weather gods for blessing us with a sunny evening.
We would have all been sitting on each other's laps in the house if it had rained so the yard was really the only option.
A good bunch of my family was in town for our family reunion the next week so it was also a chance to have all of them over to see our new place.
It was an all around beautiful night with some of the people who mean the very most to us and who love our little Lou almost as much as we do.

We had these yummy baked sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit and veggies and donuts for dessert (our go-to...always).
My leaning tower of sprinkle cake was certainly not the prettiest thing in town but Louie sure loved it and dug into it sprinkle by sprinkle.
I almost didn't see that little birthday girl the entire night because she was being passed around between all of her favorite people.

I am a sucker for great invitations and have often made them in the past, but with how many folks I invited to this thing there was no way that was happening this year.
We got these cute invitations from Tiny Prints this time around and it really simplified the process for me.
I love how they turned out and especially loved that cute face on the front of them.

Gosh, I will never stop saying this ever about my children but every birthday I'm going to be rubbing my eyes trying to figure out where the time has gone and how my little people have become bigger people.
It's altogether depressing and amazing at the same time.
Lou has been such a light in my life and I feel so lucky to be her mom.
I hope she can sense in that sweet little heart of hers how much love I have for her.

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