Thursday, October 16, 2014

weekly rewind

Best: eating tomatoes grown by sweet late grandpa George - Robert having Columbus Day off - general conference and lots of things I needed to hear - pizza and priesthood with the Mecham clan - birthday parties for our little buddies George, Watson and Sammy boy - Louie helping George with his smash cake one sprinkle at a time (and photobombing a thousand pictures, I'm sure) - Lou's obsession with shoes and socks (which could also go in the worst section because she freaks out if you don't help her put them on immediately) - paces's rainbows with Mikey and Nikki and "baby Husband" (because Minnie has a hard time saying Hudson) - breakfast at our place conference morning - air pop popcorn party at Megan and Nick's - FHE at the Larson's roasting hotdogs and marshmallows - Halloween surprises from Grandma Mecham - impromptu dinner at the gummersalls - dinner at the dodo with Laurel and my ladies - magic mail days (we put a letter in the mail for our cousin buddies and the next day Min checked to make sure the mailman had taken it and found a letter from them...not even planned!) - lots of play dates with good buddies - library runs galore - our little miracle pumpkins we found growing in the front yard - scoring insane deals on costumes (Min's convinced every day is Halloween because, hello, her costume is ready) - Louie's new words (Mimmie = Minnie, caca = cracker, nana = banana (or food in general), uh-oh, nigh nigh) 

Worst: our home boys losing basketball - the stomach flu for our little ladies on Columbus Day - weekend scout campout for Bobby (meaning a night alone for yours truly which is like the thing I hate the very most in this world) - bidding farewell to Laurel (until Christmas anyway) - nap refusals - this constant need to change things around in the house - Min's ear aches - lots of feelings putting me in a funk - missing Minnie's little birthday celebration at preschool (because they celebrate summer birthdays throughout the year) because of the stomach flu - the smell of bacon that lingers around the house and on our clothes for daysssss) -zoo day foiled by throw up


  1. Baby husband! Ha ha! We've had a stomach bug here to. The pits!

  2. Sounds like you guys have been living it up! Let's please get together after this baby comes!? How does time go so fast!? Your family is adorable Laura!