Tuesday, September 30, 2014

a monthly rewind {septebmer edition}

Good: Laurel's wedding weekend extravaganza! - Minnie starting preschool and loving it - tagging along with Robert on a work trip to Las Vegas and the best cousins who watched the girls for three days - project patio: COMPLETE! - family pictures with Jylare - hanging out with Marissa and her babes...the best afternoon! - women's conference with my mom and sisters and a little Chunga's to round out the evening - decorating for Halloween - the primary program (and the fact that it is finally over!) - a last minute BBQ at the Gummersalls - a Collard fiesta at the park - Sunday dinners and spending hours talking afterward - post family picture chow down at Habit Burger with the Raney's - 40% off total purchase at Gap (translation: a new fall wardrobe for the little ladies) - finding most of Minnie's Halloween costume (which she's been wearing pretty much since we bought it) - birthday lunch for Shelly at Red Iguana 2 (hello suiza enchiladas!) - rain - finally learning to drive Robert's car (that manual transmission has been my mortal enemy our entire marriage) - getting little notes in the mail from our cousin buddies - the fearsome foursome back together and ready to party this weekend!

Bad: a month-long cold for our entire family - an overly fussy Lou who must be sick or teething - missing my girls like crazy while we were in Las Vegas (I literally had butterflies in my stomach on our way to pick them up) - girls nights that keep getting canceled because someone is always sick - my Mom breaking her wrist - struggling to understand the man upstairs' timing - clutter - social media (it's the best and the worst, don't you agree?) - Minnie struggling to go to sleep and pretending to have to go potty the minute we finally get her in bed

September has been such a good month and such a terrible one all at once. It has been filled with happy tears and very, very sad tears as we lost Robert's dad on wretched September 11. I feel like I couldn't just put this in the "worst" section of the month because it was much more than that...it was heart achingly sad and yet a time where people we love so so much were able to be together, mourn together and celebrate a beautiful life together. We all miss him like crazy, in ways we didn't even really imagine, but the Gospel truths ring most clearly in my heart when we lose someone we love because I am filled with the peace that I know we will see them again.

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