Tuesday, November 4, 2014

weekly rewind

Best: Halloween - surprising Minnie by dressing up like Elsa (she told me over and over again how beautiful I was and once she accidentally stepped on my train and looked up at me and said, "I'm sorry, Elsa!" with a big smile) - visiting Grandma Mecham's class for their Halloween party and being part of the parade (Minnie was beaming as she gave all the big kids high fives as we walked down the hall) - cousin Halloween party squished in our little place - Pat and Abby's wedding (and watching Bob and his Sigma Chi brothers sing their little ditty which is always hilarious to me) - dinner, caramel apples and the 27th East ward trunk-or-treat with the Bakers - nightly "Call the Midwife" viewings with bob after the ladies are in bed - sleeping babies in costume - Gardner Village to see the witches and do some pony riding twice in one week! - lunch and cookie decorating with the VanWagenens - girls night at my house while Jennie was in town - lots of time with the fab four - helping Abi with the launch of her new book, GOLD (so so cute! I'm excited to finally get it) - play date at Becky's with some of our favorite buddies - finally, a lazy Saturday morning (we haven't had one of those in a moon's age) - Bob's mailman costume (what a looker, eh?) - Lou getting to go to nursery early (best news of my life! Bless those nursery leaders!) Nick and Megan's annual Halloween party - the sweetest neighbors who love our girls more than you can believe

Worst: Getting a sitter for Lou (our cute little neighbors mentioned above) so Bob and I could take Min to a movie only to get to the movie and find out it was sold out - a very feisty 3-year-old who is sassier than ever and getting sent to time out multiple times a day - disciplining - the Collard family doing a major cleaning haul as they sort through all of George's stuff (although we did get a few treasures from it all) - doctor appointment for both ladies and shots - the fruitless search for white hair spray - disappointing news (but hoping for better in the days to come) - eating way too much candy and feeling sick 75% of the day - cold weather (is it possible to love that and hate that at the same time?) - wishing Charlotte and her family were coming for the holidays


  1. I have been watching Call the Midwife, myself, but Matt refuses to participate. Bless Robert. I love that Minnie called you Elsa. So funny! The pictures you have been doing for friends are so great. You have a really great artists eye! Couldn't be more sad that we're having a bummer Thanksgiving.