Wednesday, November 26, 2014

weekly rewind

best: baby taggart's safe arrival - the first snow (generally I'm a huge grinch about this but minnie was soooo excited to wake up to a white wonderland and it melted me) - girls night with marissa and julia with a late night trip to gourmandise and the best french onion soup - jazz game with the raney's - adventures in the mountains with the girls before it got too cold - friends and family letting me take their pictures -christine's surprise party - the garwood family's sealing - a late night trip to julia's concert all by my lonesome which I loved - minnie getting much better being out of a stroller on our errands - friends and family who are willing to watch our little ladies last minute - a sleep over with jiggy and surprising minnie in the morning - bijou market trip with my mom and julia followed by papusas at the sketchiest little joint in provo (delish!) - wedding dress shopping with best friends - getting christmas cards addressed (I have never been this on top of it...ever!) - getting lots of christmas shopping checked off (thank you amazon) - lou keeping minnie company while she's on the pot - cutting minnie's mullet off and her cute new bob doo - the mall feeling very, very christmasy - soooo many trips to costco and eating way too many hotdogs to not be embarrassed about (one night we were there so long I swear in the end we got one of everything on the menu...if you can call it a menu?) - brandon's homecoming and lots of time with the collards - becca's farewell party - a sleepover for min at nick and megan's (she didn't want to come home so she obviously had the time of her life) -the fact that my "best" list is always twice as long as my "worst" list which means life is generally very, very good

worst - spending an entire day canning apple stuff  and then being sore the next day from it (embarrassing!) - feeling so so sick for a week and a half - winter scout campouts - bob's day off (veteran's day) being ruined by the stomach flu - the girls eating suuuuper dirty snow - louie's fever (I fear we are in for a very long, sick winter), a leaking kitchen faucet - going through groceries way too fast (which means more trips to the grocery store for least favorite chore) - stickers everywhere (I even found one in lou's diaper. apparently she eats them. tmi??) - a cluttered storage room 

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