Thursday, January 22, 2015

on a thursday afternoon

Our life is unbelievably simple these days.
The only time it really gets complicated is when I make it complicated (or when we have to go grocery shopping, which is like total torture with these little ladies...we're working on it).
In fact, our life is so simple that some might find it downright boring (which I do too some days).
But today, after Minnie got home from preschool, I decided to get out my big camera for a minute and just document our typical Thursday afternoon.
It is far from glamorous, but these pictures really are our day-to-day life in a nutshell and I have a feeling I am going to really treasure them in years to come. 
Sippy cups of milk all over the place (which are often forgotten and found hours and sometimes days later),  Louie's grouchy face when she's had it with the high chair and just wants out,  Minnie kneeling up to the dining room table eating lunch or coloring, Lou toddling around in Minnie's enormous shoes and then finding somewhere to go snuggle a blanket.
It is our real life and I love it.

I have made a resolution this year to be a more patient, loving and fun mom.
In the past few months, especially as Minnie's "terrible threes" have been raging, I have felt pretty awful about the way I've been parenting.
I certainly have not been the mom I want my girls to remember.
In the last few weeks I have tried to really treasure these simple moments of our life right now and to just immerse myself in motherhood.
I have tried to unplug a little more and get down on the floor and play with the girls.
I have raised my voice less, hugged more, scolded less and have had some of the best conversations with Min and snuggles with Lou.
Of course I still feel frustrated and both of the girls still act up, but our home just feels more peaceful and happy, which I am grateful for.


  1. your house is so cute (and your girls) :) haha so true on the forgotten milk sippy cups!

  2. I am SO glad I am not the only one who finds forgotten sippy cups all over the place!