Monday, February 2, 2015

weekly rewind

best: birthday weeeeeeek! - surprise weekend at the Arrington's cabin with the Raney's and VanWagenen's for Robert's 30th - Robert's day off spent just the way he'd Lowe's - birthday celebration at my parents - birthday dinner at Bombay House for Julia - girl's getaway in Midway to party before Shelly gets married - lunch dates at Harmon's - buying tickets for a trip to HOUSTON this month thanks to a business trip for Bob. Can't wait to see the Adseros!!! (Minnie keeps asking if we are going tomorrow and I keep explaining we aren't leaving until after Valentine's Day which is a few weeks away. She has since started telling me "Today is Valentine's Day, huh Mom?" She obviously can't wait. I think we need to make a paper chain) - Shelly and Sara surprising me with a day out on the town for my bday (and Robert's sweet mom who watched the girls for 2/3 of the day) - birthday sushi date to Takashi and being able to catch Trax for a quick trip to City Creek while we waited for a table and returning right when they were ready for us...cha-ching! - movie date with Minnie - sweet snuggles from sick babes - a trip to Nordstrom that ended in a picture with Belle and seeing lots of other fun little characters. It's like Disneyland downtown when FantasyCon is here - our bedroom that is finally coming together after living in our house for almost a year - witnessing the miracle of adoption and sweet baby Kenyon's birth - taking engagement pictures for Shelly and Andrew - good play dates between sick days - a visit to Temple Square when three of the four of us couldn't go to church (thank you pink eye) - Louie learning how to use a spoon - long talks with good friends

worst - sick kids for nearly all of January and now the first few days of February - our car fiasco up at the cabin. We are dummies and haven't looked at our tires in forever. Everyone could make it to the cabin except for us and our bald tires and Robert and the boys ended up spending hours trying to get that thing up the hill and we barely made it back out to the main road when we left, thanks to a few cabin neighbors. We drove straight to Heber City Tires and spent $500 on a new set. Happy birthday to us! - leaving Robert overnight alone with the girls on their worst night of sleep - pink eye for everyone - toys and a sippy cup dropped in the toilet (and then fishing them out...which is the worst part) - first cavity fill in a long time (I am the worst at flossing) - Louie's funny little blanket and owl that she insists on taking everywhere which get soooo dirty in the course of the day (and then she begs to sleep with them at night. It's a real struggle) - big meetings for Bob at work

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  1. We're so excited to see you guys too!! Can't wait. You need to come help me finish decorating the rest of our house. Actually, maybe START decorating... So happy you're coming!