Wednesday, May 6, 2015

st. george 2015

Every year our group of friends gets together for a little family vacation in St. George. It's always a lot of fun, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately the weather wasn't incredible, but we still got out to the pool twice and were able to hike around in Snow Canyon for a little bit before it started to pour. Here a few pictures I took on my phone of the weekend.

We ended up renting a brand new house this year, which was actually one of maybe two that were finished in the new development. We had the pool to ourselves but it was kind of a construction zone. Regardless, we had such a great time. The kids loved just waking up and walking out of our bedroom to buddies (as did we). We ate so much good food, had some incredible rounds of nerts and the boys watched lots of basketball. There was a park just a little ways away so we walked over there one morning so the kids could play and there was a basketball court where the guys held their annual two-on-two game: Lance and Conor vs. Robert and Russell (always in those teams). The last afternoon we were there the boys were kind enough to watch all the littles while the girls got pedicures and went shopping (which is our annual tradition). I think my favorite part of the trip was our trip up Snow Canyon. That place is unbelievable. It's like a whole other world. Minnie was complaining about 90% of the way up that she didn't like hiking and Lou wouldn't sit in the hiking backpack. Oy! The one we want to walk won't, and the one we don't want to insists she must. Luckily the scenery made up for the fits and we had things figured out on the way down. The Sunday we left, our little family went to church at the ward across the street from the temple and then we took the girls over to the temple grounds afterwards to run around a little. It was the prettiest day of the trip and the grounds were covered in the most beautiful flowers. They loved it and we loved it. Then, it was home and back to real life for all of us. I feel like these trips always fly by so quickly. My vote for next year is at least a week-long trip.

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