Monday, May 4, 2015

monthly rewind: april edition

It is hard to cover one month in one post, but since I have been seriously slacking on posting and have a million pictures I figure this is better than nothing, right?

best: warm weather and zoo outings - dying easter eggs naturally - the annual hinckley easter egg hunt with grandma and grandpa - pizza and priesthood with the mecham clan - st. george with our buds - an impromptu birthday celebration with suzette and way too much cake - last minute date nights with bob - play date at becky's and then an impromptu pedicure - general women's conference with julia and gretchen and a stop at chunga's on the way - blossoms, blossoms, blossoms - swimming at the rec center - ikea date with the VanWagenens - mom's class's opera downtown - the water table and kiddie pool in the backyard - dinner outside on our new patio set - donut date with the girls - picnic at the capitol with the parrish crew - a girls day with my college crew for abi and sara's birthdays - a little afternoon adventure downtown with the girls, riding trax and meeting up with julia for lunch at the gallivan center - visiting grandma in her classroom and surprising her with cookies - hudson's first birthday - library dates - a solo trip to the salt lake temple one afternoon and attending a session that my dad coincidentally was attending too (which I don't believe was actually a coincidence at all) - a celebration of grandpa collard on his birthday with the collard crew, done just the way he would have done it (at chuck-a-rama)

worst: robert's work trip - a seriously messy car most of the time (the back seat is crumb city always...probably shouldn't let the ladies eat in the car but...) - minnie's constant desire to watch a show - pink eye for lou again (luckily none of the rest of us got it this time around) - using sunscreen I didn't realize was expired (no wonder it wasn't working) - missing my grandpa's 87th birthday surprise party in washington, dc - trying to stay positive when I just feel disappointed and not being able to do much about it

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