Monday, June 22, 2015

at the lake with friends

Last week my friend Dani and I decided to take our little girls on an adventure up to Pineview Reservoir. Both of us had been there before (ages ago) but we really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into (or where we were even going for that matter), but my trusty friend, Google Maps, led the way without a hitch and we had a pretty incredible afternoon.

Dani's dad was actually my bishop in my student ward during college and he helped me decide once and for all to serve a mission. I loved that man so much and will forever be grateful for his inspiration and insight at a time I so desperately needed it. Dani and her husband ended up moving into the same neighborhood around the same time we did and it was only through mutual friends that we finally met each other. Dani is as good as they come. She reminds me so much of her dad in so many ways and I feel like our meeting wasn't a coincidence. We both have two girls who are about the same age (and who have become fast friends) and she is always up for an adventure, which makes me so happy! She somehow snuck her way out of all but one of the millions of pictures I took on our trip up to Pineview but I'm sure you'll see her face around her again sometime soon.

Pineview is about as close to a beach as it gets for us Northern Utahns, and I think the girls couldn't have been happier to have some sand beneath their toes and water to run through. Sadly, I forgot to pack Minnie's floaty so I was a bit of a wreck when either of my little ladies got in the water. Note to self: bring floaties always, always, always! The weather wasn't looking good when we initially got there, but we ate our lunch in the car as it rained a bit and lightening struck and then the sun came out to stay. This little trip got me so excited for the rest of our summer! I want to make these next few months full of adventure with my girls and I'm so grateful we have friends who are willing to go with us, even if we have no clue what we are doing. 


  1. hello beautiful pictures! i'll go right ahead and save them for myself. you are seriously profesh. so glad to have you as such a dear friend, no coincidences in this life. love those little girlies all together. heres to many more adventures to come!