Tuesday, June 9, 2015

cabin weekend

We spent last weekend at the Collard family cabin and the whole trip felt like one big refresh button on life. I think no electricity, no cell phone service, views for miles and being with people you love is just good for the soul. I have been hesitant going to the cabin in the past because I've almost always had a little baby to take care of who would wake in the night and then put everything in their mouth during the day. The thought of venturing up there just stressed me out. We kept this trip really low key, just our little family, Julia and Gretchen, and it was perfect. I also realized something up there: this summer is going to be killer with these two little girls. They are at such fun, independent ages and crave just running around and exploring and it's absolutely incredible to not have to hover over them every second. I can't wait to do so much more stuff like this the next few months.

We arrived at the cabin at dusk on Friday night after a late start and a trip to the Little Acorn Diner for dinner at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon (a Collard fam tradition). We were the first to stay at the cabin for the season so it took Bob a bit to get the propane fired up and lights on, so Julia and Gretchen serenaded the girls and got them getting their groove on. By the time we got everything settled it was about midnight. The girls were pooped. Minnie even asked if she could go to bed which never happens. The little ladies slept like angels, as did the rest of us. It was a bit chilly, but with extra blankets we all survived and slept pretty well. We had prepared ourselves for lots of rain since the weather forecast for the weekend looked bleak, but Saturday was absolutely beautiful and after a hearty breakfast we all suited up for a little stroll up the hill to Fairview Lakes. The girls loved throwing rocks in the water and it was just so peaceful. The aspens up there are unbelievable. We spent the rest of our time swinging, eating good food, exploring, singing and playing cards and picking dandelions.

Coming home from that place is always a harsh reality, especially after such an incredible trip. I can't wait for so many more just like it this summer.

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