Wednesday, June 3, 2015

weekly rewind

best: baby oliver making his way into the world! - park date, zoo date and backyard pool date all with the cute lamb girls - going on a little date with min to get her ballet uniform - so much greeeeeen in this weekly rewind! hello summer - backyard bbq at our house with family for memorial day - lots of snuggling baby jeremiah - surprising grandma collard on mother's day by attending church with her and bringing over lunch - rearranging and decorating at nick and megan's - a hike with julia on memorial day up to elephant rock - the cute parrish crew surprising us with a little visit and bringing flowers and treats...we've missed them - matching dresses for my little girlfriends - memorial day staycation in midway with the fab four and their families - lots of baby news from good friends - doing a major overhaul on our yard - morning walks with friends - celebrating dad's birthday at golden phoenix while mom was in TX and then celebrating it again a week later and sending him on a scavenger hunt for the new tv we all got him - story time at the library - 8:00 sonic family dates to get shakes and partying in the car - hanging out in the ayers magical yard with abi and sara and crew - min and lou playing in the backyard while I make dinner - the motherhood project pictures with jalene - running into nikki and kacie at the zoo - a girls night - bbq for russell's bday at the mason's new place

worst: pinkeye for everyone AGAIN! - minnie waking up and throwing up two thursdays in a row (robert's convinced she's allergic to thursdays) - min missing her last day of preschool because she was sick - soooooo much rain! - lou learning to open the fridge and all our doors getting into everything - sunburns (I really need to get on top of the sunscreen situation) - wishing we could meet baby oliver - a blue pen somehow finding its way into the washer (I won't name names) and making little blue ink stains all over a whole load of clothes - meal planning (or the lack thereof) 

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