Wednesday, January 13, 2016

christmas with the whole crew

Christmas this year was pretty amazing! My sister Charlotte and her family came and stayed with us for over a week and it was all I had dreamed it would be. I love my family so much and there's nothing better for me than when they are all in one place. I am only now starting to crawl out of the deep depression I fell into after Christmas was over and the Adsero crew left. This blog post is going to be a major photofest because there were just too many I wanted to remember. Thanks to Charlotte for sharing lots of her pics with me. We had a pretty great (and surprisingly busy) week while they were here, but it was a party!

The highlight of the whole week was the sealing of sweet baby Jeremiah to my brother and sister-in-law, Nick and Megan. It was pretty incredible to all be in the temple together and to know that that sweet babe is theirs forever. I sure love that cute family.

On one of the first nights the Adseros were here we went bowling at the University of Utah, which takes all of us Mecham kids right back to our childhood. I bowled terribly (big surprise) and almost got beat by the 5 and 6-year-old, but we all had such a good time together.

A visit to the Grand America for a scavenger hunt and to see the enormous gingerbread house. This was nicely followed up by a huge burger at Crown Burger. Just what the doctor ordered, am I right?! We then took a trip downtown to see Grandpa's new office and the Macy's candy windows.

Lincoln, Charlotte's oldest, was aching for snow and boy oh boy did he get it! The week before they were coming it was nearly 50 degrees and we hadn't seen a lick of snow. I was worried his dream of a white Christmas didn't stand a chance. BUT, a day or two before they came we had the snowstorm of the century with nearly two feet of snow up at our house! It was a white Christmas and then some. We had a hard time finding snow clothes at any store after the mammoth storm, but after lots of hunting we found enough to get out and sled.

Every year we make a point to go grab dinner and see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. It was cold and kind of snowy this year, but it was still wonderful and awesome to all be together.

Charlotte arranged for us to go to Ballet West's Nutcracker with the big kids a few days before Christmas, and although the kids could barely sit through the entire thing, it was a lot of fun. There was a little party after the performance where you could have punch and cookies with the sugar plum fairy and a few of the cast up on stage, and although it was a little more rushed than we'd anticipated, I think the kids liked it and we got some really cute nutcracker ornaments out of it.

Christmas Eve is always a big deal at my parents house. My mom makes such incredible food and with the whole crew in town this year, the presents under the tree were overflowing and taking up nearly half of the living room. We played Christmas carols with chimes and each family took a turn to perform a little song they'd been practicing. After lots of present opening, all of the grandkids got dressed in their Christmas jammies and headed home to make sure cookies and milk were out for Santa.

We had Christmas morning over at our house. Minnie slept downstairs with all of her cousins (so Santa could set up the new bunk bed that wouldn't fit under the tree). Santa's little helpers (aka myself, Robert, Charlotte and Matt) stayed up later than we'd anticipated getting everything set up. Why does Christmas Eve always have to be that way? I even had all of our presents wrapped and yet setting up the bunk bed and arranging everything had us up until 2 AM. Oy!

My parents and Julia came over in the morning to see all the kids open their presents. The boys and Min could hardly handle themselves waiting downstairs for everyone to show up. Bless their hearts. I love Christmas morning, maybe now even more than I did when I was little. It's pure magic to me. Minnie and Lou were pretty pumped about their new bed which made me so happy. I haven't let Lou sleep in it yet because she stays in her crib forever in the morning and hello, I'm going to take advantage of that as long as I can. I figure it will be a pretty easy transition once it needs to happen (knock on wood). The boys were pleased as punch with the huge Lego sets Santa brought and were also informed in a letter from Santa that there would be a few more items waiting for them at home in Houston.

We headed over to my parent's house for brunch, which was incredible. It was snowing outside, the windows were steamed up, and we were all together eating the most delicious meal. It was a little bit of heaven to me. We weren't able to do a nativity the night before so after breakfast we busted out all of my mom's awesome costumes and put it together. I was pregnant Mary (naturally) and was escorted onto the stage by my last-minute trusty donkey, Robert. Minnie was the not-pregnant Mary and Lincoln was Joseph. Jeremiah and Oliver were both baby Jesus at different points, depending on who was willing to sit still. It was pretty fun and really sweet to see all of the kids acting their part. I love seeing all of them together.

I'd been looking forward to Christmas for months and it all came and went so quickly! Always does, doesn't it? A few tears were shed on my part on the departure of the Adsero crew, but we are already getting serious about planning our reunion this summer, which helps ease the pain a bit. I'm such a baby! I'm so grateful the rest of my family lives close. I'm not sure they always will so I should soak that up for as long as I have it.


  1. I'm so glad you were all able to be together for Christmas! Looks like you had a blast! It's so hard when family lives far away 😭. Love the prego Mary :) Also, we got the same bunk a few months back! Best ikea find ever! 'Twas a beast to set up. What a beautiful family you have

  2. It was so much fun!!! Lincoln and Min are killing me in the last photo. Now I can just copy and paste your post onto mine!!!