Thursday, July 13, 2017

a few things

 1. I hate when I'm super far behind on my blog because I get overwhelmed at the thought of starting up again. There's just too much to catch up on. Thus, I am starting right where we are in life and hoping my journal and Instagram can fill in the rest if my kids are reading this years from now and wondering what happened in our family in the last few months of life.

(An afternoon church nap...the only place he falls asleep in people's arms anymore.)

2. I am officially trying to wean William and it has been so dang much harder than I thought it would be. It's always hard, but I think it is especially so this time around because he's older than both the girls were (I lost my milk with Min at 7 months and weaned Lou at 13 months) and he is very much more aware of what's happening. I only nurse him right before bed and the other night I was just trying to not do it and Will wasn't having it. He kept taking out his binky and then I kept sneaking it back in. Finally he just pulled it out and chucked it across the room. I laughed out loud! You can probably guess that I ended up nursing him. I'm a sucker. We have now gone two nights in a row without it and each time I lay him down my heart just sinks a little as he cries. I just feel like it's time to wean, even though I don't really want to, and it's dang hard.

3. Cousins have been in town now for about a month and we are all in heaven. They have made our summer! The girls love those Adsero boys so much and they are officially staying at our house starting tonight! We couldn't be more pleased. Charlotte is quite the party girl and always has something fun up her sleeve in the works. It was so fun to all be together for Lincoln's baptism a few weeks ago. We are headed to the Collard cabin here soon and we are all looking forward to that!

4. I have been really into self-help podcasts lately. The girls kind of loathe them because they'd much rather listen to music, but I can't help but love them. I have just had so many motivational moments lately that I can't help but turn them on! The one I'm listening to currently is Bold New Mom by Jody Moore. Minnie keeps asking me why I listen to such boring stuff and I tell her it's helping me to become a better mom. I don't think she likes that answer much, but the other day she was playing and came up to me to show me a toy record she'd shoved into an apron and she told me it was her CD that she listened to to help her become a better mom. I died!

(Fourth of July with cute cousin Jeremiah and the fun little surprises Aunt Megan brought!)

5. Lagoon season passes have been a major success again this year! I think as long as we are living in Davis County we are probably going to have to get them.

6. Why can't I eat salad? Like it sounds like the most disgusting thing to me lately for some reason. It's ok if someone else makes it, but if I do, there's not a chance I'm going to enjoy it. Send help!

7. We've only done one cabin trip thus far this summer and we are aching to get back up there this weekend!

8. I ran a half marathon with Charlotte and FINISHED without stopping! Matt was initially going to run it with her but had to head back to Abu Dhabi so I ran in his place. The most I'd run prior to the race was about 6 miles so I had no idea how I would do. It has been a goal of mine for years to run a half marathon but I honestly never thought I could. I think I just told myself that so many times that I believed I really couldn't do it. Well by some miracle I did, although the majority of the time I was just trying to run because I wanted it to be over, but it was surprisingly fun, especially when I crossed the finish line and knew it was over. I have been sore for about a week now, but I think I'm almost totally recovered.

9. Lots of friends have moved and/or are moving lately and it has me feeling a little antsy. I love our house and our ward and our neighborhood but sometimes I just get this bug in me that feels like it's time for a change. I think it drives Robert nuts.

10. We bought a mini trampoline for our backyard and it has been a lot of fun. Robert is still super bummed we didn't get a full size trampoline so he could jump on it, but Minnie has already hurt her back on this one so I'm kind of feeling like the mini one was a good choice for now.

11. Minnie gave Lou a major bang chop about a month ago and it is sort of coming into itself but not quite yet. It was really bad to start, but I think we are seeing some hope lately. Sisters, man.

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