Thursday, March 31, 2011

baby, baby, baby

21 1/2 weeks!

it has been decided that i am the worst at taking these pictures. i never know what to wear to really capture the bump in its entirety and somehow we can never quite get the right angle. after 7 awkward pictures, this is the best that we could do.

i will be 22 weeks tomorrow and i am loving this part of pregnancy. i'm no longer nauseous, i don't get heartburn and i'm not huge enough to be uncomfortable so sleep has been just great. i don't really notice the baby much except for when i'm trying to fit in to high-waisted pants. somtimes, after i've been sitting for awhile, it feels like she's moving up into my ribs a little bit and that can get pretty uncomfortable, but otherwise i just love feeling the little kicks throughout the day. i may not be saying that in a few months when her foot is halfway up my rib cage.


next to cookie monster, elmo is lincoln's favorite sesame street character. the other day charlotte and i went thrift shopping for baby clothes. we ended up in the toy section at one point and lincoln found this nasty elmo (melmo, as he calls him) toy. i have never seen his face light up so quickly as when he found that scraggly thing. charlotte was afraid she might have to buy it but was finally able to peel it from his grasp and put it back on the top shelf (not without a lot of shrieks out of lincoln). two seconds later he had found a second elmo doll in the mess of toys and was strolling around with that. how are kids so smart?

he also found this mini vanity. he loved it, as you can tell. i guess you can be a little vain when you're that cute.

bennett took it easy in the shopping cart. seriously the sweetest baby in the world (who has a hard time taking good pictures...just like auntie L). how i love this baby!
bug eyes!!

like i said...picture taking is not his strong suit.

and then there were these...why are dolls so scary? especially naked ones?

lincoln wasn't scared.
(elmo still in toe)

one of the most beautiful babies in the world was born last week.
liam jeffery larson.

jessie and conor had their little boy last friday and robert and i got to go up to the hospital saturday to meet him. jessie has been my coach through much of my pregnancy because she was 4+ months ahead of me. i'd always ask her about the different stages of pregnancy so i could know what to expect and prepare for. she gave me tips on where to get maternity clothes, what to buy and not buy for the baby, the best sleeping pillows etc. etc. to now see that her growing belly actually produced this little baby made my situation feel more real than ever. i am terrified but so excited. i am so glad little liam is here and that he and jessie are both doing well.

on the topic of babies...our niece and her husband, brittany and casey, were sealed to their daughter, tylee, in the ogden temple two days ago on tylee's first birthday.

the sealing was really incredible. my heart was filled with the spirit as i watched them kneel together as a family to be united for eternity. i am so happy for them.

after the sealing we went to tylee's first birthday party. as you can tell, she was dressed for the occasion. i felt badly i'd forgotten my tutu and tiara.
she's a dream!

robert practicing fatherhood. tylee loves it.

when they sat her down in front of her cake we were all ready to see her tear through it. instead she methodically used two fingers to eat the cake crumb by crumb. in about 10 minutes the rest of her hand got into it but after 30 minutes of eating, there were only a few small holes in the top of the cake.

happy birthday dream baby!

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