Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fat foot

and this isn't even the worst of it, folks.

never in a million years did i ever think i'd see my ski-like feet fat. that is one part of my body that actually has never been slightly chubby. pregnancy can do crazy things. how is only my LEFT foot swollen? i don't get it. this picture was taken after walking around las vegas for 4 hours. my left foot was not having it. i purchased these black flats at h&m right before i took this picture because my flip flops were just not cutting it. (i think we stopped at 3 different h&m's...robert is so good to me). last night we went to the gym and i could barely tie my left shoe. my foot was throbbing by the end of my workout. luckily my left foot has always been a little smaller than my right, so if it ends up growing a few centimeters during my pregnancy, it will all balance out in the end.
(i'll post more pictures of our trip shortly!)

*as a side note...robert could not get over how long my second toes are. these shoes do nothing but accentuate their length.


  1. my second toes are long and longer than my big toes too. you aren't weird. if you want to see weird ask lance to show you his big toes.

  2. My left foot was ALWAYS way more swollen than my right one. It only gets worse from here! Just elevate them at night, and sometimes icing them made the swelling go down also.
    As for the weird toe debate, Conor has weird toes. WE should all get together and compare!