Thursday, March 10, 2011

burley or bust

All of my posts get posted about 2 weeks after events occur. So sue me if it takes that long to finally load my pictures onto my computer. In any case, 2 weekends ago Robert and I drove to Burley, Idaho with his parents for our niece's wedding. The drive was quite treacherous but only because the driver's side windshield wiper refused to wipe properly. Robert was a driving champion. It had snowed a bunch the night before but began melting early on in the day. We were getting sprayed at all angles by 18-wheelers and such, and bless Robert's heart that we didn't die. I, of course, sat in the very back seat trying to calm myself down by eating an apple and closing my eyes. A piece of the apple got stuck between my teeth so that didn't seem to work too well. In any case, we got there and back safely thanks to Robert (as well as the MoTab patriotic hits to keep him awake...the only music his mom had in the car). We spent 6 hours driving and 2 1/2 at the wedding, but it was nice to be with family.

Somehow we weren't able to manage one decent picture of Tasha and Xam.

Cute Tylee and Brittany. Tylee went hog wild on that purple and pink wedding cake. I'm sure her diapers have been quite colorful the last two weeks.
(Tylee is the baby.)

Becca and Adam

Love birds.

Becca and Breanna.

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