Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's a GIRL!

here i am last night on a picnic (after a jog, mind you) at about 20 weeks. nearly halfway!

i had my ultrasound last week and three little lines confirmed that we will be having a girl! robert still wanted to wait until the birth to find out the sex, but i just had to know, and i'm glad i do now. i was hoping for a girl in my heart of hearts, but i would have been happy if it was a boy too, as long as it was healthy. there's something about knowing it's a girl that makes it all more real. Seeing her squirm all over the place on the screen was pretty surreal because i couldn't feel a thing in my belly. the doctor kept poking my stomach to make her open her legs and i couldn't believe poking me was making the little creature on the screen move. last night was the first time i really think i felt her move and i'm fairly sure i've been mistaking it for gas bubbles the last week or so, now that the feeling is becoming more distinct. she has been going wild today and i love it. it gives a purpose to this ripening belly which is now really starting to protrude. i think it will grow exponentially over these next few months, and although i'm not looking forward to the discomfort, i'm so excited to meet this little beauty inside me!

the ultrasound pictures are nothing to write home about, hence, why i did not post them. the doctor didn't even get a picture of her head or face. unfortunately my doctor only does one ultrasound the whole pregnancy so i we are stuck with what we got, but by the time she's here i probably won't care that much.

in other news...

the adseros are here!! matt and charlotte and their family are back in the USA! char and the boys are staying with my parents for a few weeks while matt travels up to lewiston, id to find a place for them to live for the 6 or so months they'll be there. he'll then head back to korea to wrap things up there. it has been so much fun to have them here and has certainly brought a swift reality check of what motherhood will entail in a few years for me. charlotte is BUSY!! nearly 2-year-olds can be tough little guys sometimes...but also the sweetest little guys as well. lincoln finally learned who "uncle bobby" was and says "bobby" non-stop when i'm around. doesn't look like auntie L is quite as good without her other half. that's ok, lincoln, i like him too. bennett is the smiliest little chub-o in the world. he is so sweet and makes me so excited to have a baby. it's also just been fun to go home and hang out with charlotte. she is one of my best friends. i really wished they were coming back to live in salt lake.

the picture of this cute family is from a little hike we took on saturday. here are a few more shots from the afternoon.

bobby, jigs and lucy the pup pup. it has also been really fun to have a dog around again, besides the fact that her little nose can get a wee bit too friendly sometimes.

char and benny boy the snoozer.

matt and pink-cheeked lincoln. isn't he cute??


  1. I'm so excited for you and robert to embark on parenthood! It really is so fun and rewarding!!! You two will be great!!!

  2. i like it when people think my job is hard, cause it is, and feel validated when other people think so, so thanks. Um... what am i doing in that pic with bennett? not cute. thanks for stopping by to visit me every day. funny how visiting grandma and grandpa can be lonely.