Wednesday, April 20, 2011

buddha belly

this is me at 24 1/2 weeks (about 5 1/2 months). i wish i would have been better at taking pictures weekly, but these few that i've posted will have to suffice or now. these past couple weeks our little lady has really been sprouting. for the first 3 or 4 months of my pregnancy it seemed like my stomach barely grew at all, but during the last 2 weeks i think i've grown bigger than i had the previous 5 months. this little girl is getting pretty squirmy too. initially her kicks and turns were so subtle i barely noticed them, but lately she's been going wild! i really like it because it reminds me that she's there and makes me so excited to meet her. robert has finally been feeling her kicks when he puts his hand hand on my stomach. i hated that i used to be able to feel them but he couldn't for quite awhile. i think it makes it more real for him too. the craziest part of all is when i actually SEE my stomach move. it seems too early for that but this little girl is pretty powerful already. i am still feeling really good, in spite of the swollen foot. i sleep well and never really have any issues besides the fact that it's already getting hard to bend over and i can't sleep on my stomach (or back for that matter) and she's sprawling out into my ribs still so it gets uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time...too bad that's what i do 8 hours of the day. it's crazy to think that in just 15 weeks this little girl will be here. lots of things are going to change between now and parents will be on their mission, julia will be on her mission, nick and megan will have moved back to salt lake (hallelujah!), we'll have moved into my parents house, nick and megan will be living at my parents house with us for a few months (bless their hearts), and robert will be preparing to start graduate school. my oh my...what a whirlwind of a summer we have ahead of us.


  1. laura you look absolutely beautiful!! what fun adventures you two have ahead of you! I'll be back in june so we will have to get together and compare bellys!!!! love you looks like all is well!

  2. your belly has definitely gotten bigger since i saw you last, as has your foot, as have your bosoms. yowzers!!!

  3. thanks for pointing out the obvious chucky...ya big jerk! pretty soon i'm going to topple forward with everything expanding so much on the front of my torso.