Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am six months along today and this bump is truly bumpin'. This little baby is moving ALL of the time, to the point that when she hasn't moved a few times in 30 minutes I get worried. I am still able to sleep comfortably, but my ribs are just killing me unless I'm lying down. This little girl is somersaulting all over the place and I am now finally feeling kicks to my ribs, which don't hurt yet, but I'm sure they will as things get tighter down there. I'm feeling great in almost every other way except that sometimes I think I have a hernia or something because my ab muscles occasionally feel like they are being ripped to shreds...which they probably are. It is also a little difficult to sit up because those ab muscles are struggling to stay together with the bulging belly between them. The swelling in my feet has gone down quite a bit which has been good, and I haven't gained a ton of weight so I'm still able to wear most of my own clothes except my high-waisted pants and skirts. The bigger I get, the more real all of this becomes and I am becoming increasingly more excited to meet this little peanut.

I love being married because you can do things you'd normally feel like a loser doing by yourself, but you can enjoy them with the person you love the most and not be one bit embarrassed. After a night at the temple last week, Robert and I came home, got a hot and ready and sat in bed and ate while watching a movie. Dreamiest night of my life...and you know we ate almost the entire pizza. We're big eaters here in the Collard household.


  1. Hey, at least you had a salad. If it were me and Matt, our only side dish would have been ice cream.

  2. How are you so tiny?! You seriously are the cutest prego girl I have ever known! Thanks for coming by the other day! Oh and p.s. - hot and ready plus a movie in bed is a great night for me also. Althoug I do agree that I would feel like the biggest loser if I did it alone. Marriage is great! Kids, even better! You will LOVE being a mom! :-)