Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost 3/4 of the way!

So maybe a dark shirt against dark wood wasn’t the greatest idea in the world, but this little corner of our apartment has become the location of choice for these pictures and I was too tired to change (notice how all of my belly shots are in pajamas. So sue me if I like to be comfortable). In any case, I am 29 ½ weeks along…nearly ¾ of the way! And why I generally take pictures midway through my weeks? Your guess is as good as mine.

So far I really have very few complaints about pregnancy. The only slight miffs I have lately are as follows:

  1. I cannot bend down to get something off the floor. Because of this I have become quite good at using my feet (even my chubby, swollen one) to do some maneuvering so I can reach the desired object on the ground.
  2. I cannot tie my shoes or put socks on. Luckily most of my shoes don’t require either of these procedures. For this reason I am lucky it’s summer time (even though you wouldn’t know it here in Salt Lake).
  3. My left foot and ankle are still chubby. I have had to pare down my shoe options but can live with that for the next couple months. From these first three miffs it looks as though it’s just my feet that are bearing any burden.
  4. My ribs feel like they are going to explode. This little peanut is sitting SUPER high and is all up in these ribs of mine the majority of the day. Some say that’s better than having her sit low and rest on your bladder causing daily accidents. Somehow I still find myself in predicaments where these occur…perhaps they’d be worse if she was sitting low.
  5. I don’t like it when people stare at me. When I pass someone on the street they no longer look at my face, but just stare straight at my belly until they finally realize what they’re doing and either look away or look up at me with an awkward smile. I guess I can’t blame them…it’s getting pretty big.

In spite of all of these little gripes, I really do love being pregnant. I have loved feeling her grow, feeling her little movements get bigger and bigger and actually beginning to feel body parts rather than just tiny bursts of movement. The other day it looked as if her whole forearm went right across the top of my belly. It’s seriously magical. Last night Robert and I just sat in bed and stared at my stomach while she moved for about 10 minutes. It’s surreal to think there’s a little being inside of there who is a part of both of us. I can’t believe I get to meet her so soon!

I have bought almost nothing for this little girl because a.) I am paranoid and worry constantly about all the “what if’s” and seem to be holding off shopping until she’s here safe and sound and b.) because I figure we’ll get a lot of what we need from friends and family. Plus, babies really only wear onsies for the most part during the first few months, right? In any case, those of you who know me well know that I am a devoted thrift shopper. I generally feel guilt free about thrift shopping, so I guess I HAVE purchased her a few items, but none of them were over $3. That doesn’t count, right? (Don't worry, I've washed them).

I got this little number before we knew whether we were having a boy or a girl (during the period when we didn't think we were finding out so I was searching for gender-neutral clothing...hardest thing in the world). My sister Charlotte helped me find it and I love it. Hopefully it still fits our little girl when she's three months old because it's going to be a little toasty to have her wearing in August. I think it was about $3, but it's originally from H&M kids and is in really good condition. (Robert thinks it looks like an ewok from Star Wars).

These little shoes I found for $0.50 were the very first thing I purchased. Again, I figured they were gender neutral, but I think they're a little more girly. Good thing we're having a girl.

I found this last weekend and I think it may be my favorite purchase yet. I got it for $0.99! Robert says everything I'm finding is "themed" (i.e. ewok, sailor, etc.). I told him I'm planning on making family outfits to match so he better watch it.

A sweet lady from our branch that I used to visit teach made these cute booties. She's somewhat disabled and is unable to work. Although not all there mentally, she has really put her mind to knitting and has gotten really good even in just these last 6 months. I haven't seen her for awhile and was so surprised when she showed up to church with these little beauties.

So, if our child has nothing else, at least she'll have something to wear in warm weather, something to wear in cold weather and two pairs of shoes.

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  1. That sailor dress is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And the reason people stare is because you are the cutest pregnant lady ever, dead serious! (I hated when people stared too). That is so great that you are feeling so well, I can't believe how close you're getting...it all flies by!