Friday, May 27, 2011


I consider myself a fairly classy person, but lately I have begun to realize all the little things I do that do not represent classiness in any form.

Exhibit A: Take this blue cooler we received as a wedding gift (thanks to whoever gave it to us...I'm still getting through my thank you notes from our wedding NINE months ago. We're going to have a child before I complete those). This cooler has been sitting useless in our cubby in the hall since we were married, until...we discovered this very handy use for it:

Our TV stand (which is not really a TV stand) which holds our baby TV is not nearly high enough for us to watch movies in bed. The TV is usually in the living room, but some nights you just want to be comfortable, especially when you have a human being in your ribs. Anyhow, I scoured the house for a box-like structure light enough to not break our non-TV stand, TV stand, and...voila! We now have a use for the cooler.

Exhibit B: Who in their right mind, unless you own your own house, would have a stash of wrapping paper? Ok, so many probably do, but I just can't get myself to buy something like that which I know I'll just have to move with me in a few months when our lease is up. The result: April birthday presents looking like this:

Merry Christmas! It's April...and it's your birthday. Hey, Jesus was actually born in April anyway, right? I'm just celebrating it in the correct month.

Exhibit C: We enjoyed this little dandy last night after a lovely trip to the temple. Robert and I (especially ME) love Mexican food. I mean, I could eat ALL kinds of Mexican food any time of the day, starting with Taco Bell. In fact, it's one of the only things that didn't make me nauseous during the first 4 months of my pregnancy...that, and a big juicy burger. Go figure. Alberto's on 500 South in Salt Lake has become a mainstay for us. It's two steps above Beto's. Classy, right? Carne asada burrito with a hefty amount of guacamole and pico de gallo? Yes please! And, who can beat a deal like free horchata all day on Tuesdays?!

Well, somehow, after months and months of shopping at Smith's, Robert and I finally discovered the coupons on the back of our receipts. "Buy one burrito get a second free"??? I may or may not have sifted through most of our plastic grocery bags we keep under the sink to find all our old receipts. Now we get 2 burritos as big as our heads, 1 churro and 1 large drink all for about $7. What's classier than using a coupon from the back of your grocery receipt at one of the cheapest restaurants in town? Nothing.
We're setting the new standard for class.

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